Sunday, April 29, 2007

My nephew, Logan

Gonna start a new tradition by writing a little something about special people in my family.
Logan is a senior at Trabuco Hills high school...he plays soccer, speaks French and was even up for Homecoming King. He is also one of the kindest, sweetest guys I have ever known.
Above picture is from a couple of weeks ago...below picture is from a couple of years ago...He calls me "Jooj"...Love you Logan!

A few of my favorite pictures...

My cousins, Frank, Sherri, Robin, my sister, Gina, me, my cousin, Kelly--probably 1968 or so.
Allison and Shalom at the Kenya reunion in March.
A crepe stand chef in Monte Marte, Paris last year.
I had mine with nutella and bananas. Absolutely incredible.

One more from the party...thanks Annie

Great expressions...great color...Annie is a true smile looks evil, huh Josh?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dinner with Sarah...

Had a GREAT dinner tonight with my friend, Sarah. Incredible food, good conversation and amazing encouragement! Sarah is one of my very best friends...she loves to eat and laugh and plan trips around the world! Greece...Prague...Italy...Sarah and I are making our plans!

Remember when...

this was the coolest thing at Disneyland??

A day in the Park

I found this book today while going through some boxes in the garage. It was one of my kids' very favorite "little golden books" because it was about a brother and sister named Allison and Zachary. Over the course of a few months we had about 10 copies of the book...people would read it and send it to us right away!
I can honestly say that I read to my kids every single night from the time they were babies...they would each go grab a couple of books and we would read them together before they went to bed each night! Love those days.And, I'll tell ya, each of us still really loves to read.

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Minus 20 party"

With my beautiful daughter, Allison.
Tonight was Josh Peters' 26th birthday and he threw himself a "Minus 20" party asking everyone to dress as if they were 20 years younger. While some came with diapers on and some with pigtails and knee socks, I had spent the day thinking about what I would wear to look like I was 13. Yeah, then I realized that 20 years ago I was NOT 13, but 23.
SURPRISE EYES!! Josh and I were both on Crave staff at Saddleback.
We could hardly wait to have a beer together tonight...
Allison and me and Allison and Josh...I knew most of the people at the party from my time working with the college ministry. I didn't stay too long tonight, though I do feel so comfortable with all of them...they are all so full of energy and life and hope!
I sure don't feel "plus 20" to any of them...

And, 20 years from now, they will have realized that you never feel any different.

Love this book...

A friend recommended this book to me. I read it in three days.
"If you've ever felt alone in a world of strangers, missing
someone you've never met, you'll find a message from your love in..."The Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach.
Under the title, it reads, "A true love story"...and, boy, is it.
It's the author's desire and his journey as he searches for his soul mate... and then his JOY and emotional elation when he realizes who she is...SO GOOD!!
You cannot borrow mine though. I highlighted, underlined and made lists of my soul mate's attributes in the book and even wrote him a letter in the back. Can't wait to show him! My favorite line--once he realizes he has found her--
She is as if I imagined her into being."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

twenty six resources


At your local library they have these arranged in ways that can make you cry, giggle, love, hate, wonder, ponder, and understand.
It’s astonishing to see what these twenty-six little marks can do. In Shakespeare’s hands they became Hamlet. Mark Twain wound them into Huckleberry Finn. James Joyce twisted them into Ulysses. Gibbon pounded them into The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. John Milton shaped them into Paradise Lost.”

There are several messages here, but the most important is that creative ideas come from manipulating your resources ­— no matter how few and simple they are.

From the Creative Think Website


Debra, Me, Gina...
and Debra, Gina, Me...a few years earlier...


This is what I am bringing to the BIG party tomorrow night....
a TRIPLE batch of BTS....
oh, and a case of Corona...See you there!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor

When I was little, THIS was the place you went to have a real party! Farrells had GIANT ice cream sundaes, amazing sodas and floats and totally unique specialty desserts that brought along with them, attention from the crowd. One such dessert was the "Pig Trough" was somewhat like a banana split, but larger...and if you ate the whole thing, the waiters would all come over, attract the entire restaurant's attention and let them know that you had, "made a pig of yourself at Farrell's". You also received a ribbon to wear with pride. (If you shared the trough, they cut the ribbon in half...I have a few of those...)

On a really special occasion, we would order "The Zoo". From my memories, this was like 20 different scoops of ice cream in a giant silver punch bowl. It was topped with all sorts of flavors of toppings, nuts, and whip cream and these tiny little plastic animals. (Once in a while, we even got a plastic mermaid.) They brought "The Zoo" out on a stretcher of some sort--two guys had to carry it--with a siren playing so that everyone would see it arriving at your table...
It was our absolute favorite place to have a birthday party!!
As an added bonus, inside the restaurant they had a candy store with ALL the best candies: those dots you eat off the paper, wax bottles filled with liquid, pixie sticks, jawbreakers....
Yeah, those were the days....Anyone else remember Farrell's?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cell phone editing

This is a subject which causes frequent internal monologues:
While searching through my cell contact list to make a call, I OFTEN have to scroll past the names/numbers of three or four or five people who I have not talked to in months or even years. Yet I will not delete them.
I have to scroll past the painter I used once (and drank all the beer in my fridge), the friend I ran into after not seeing her for years and felt it kind to program her number directly into my phone to assure her that I would contact her soon (I never did.) I have to pass by (and be reminded of) men I had one or two dates with and the one man who just didn't ever understand why I did not return his calls, and worse of all, the name of the one who held my heart for a few months last year. (You could be happy...I hope you are.)
There are 111 contacts in my phone...lots and lots of these people-- probably the VAST majority of these people-- will be fine if I never call them again. Yet I have kept most of these for one reason: I want to know it's them if/when THEY call ME!
The monologue usually finishes with: you might NEED that floor guy again and she DOES have that place up in Big Bear, and...he might want to know how you are doing...
So tell me please--save or delete?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Once a month I spend a little time with Sally, my hairdresser and friend of the last five years. Sally keeps my "Golden Lady" look going and tells me of her great traveling adventures at the same time. She and her husband are headed to Spain and then to the Grand Prix in France next month! But the best part of my visit with Sally is when she washes my hair. Oh I love it so much!
My dear friend, Loisa came for dinner later on...we had a glass or two of Shiraz and a delicious pasta dinner. Afterward, we enjoyed a little Crown Royal in our milk...the perfect addition to the peanut butter cookies and conversation.

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine

I followed THIS unbelievably beautiful car down Pacific Park today.
I could not keep my eyes off it.
Spectacular, huh? It's the Porsche Cayman S
One of my friends was just telling me about this car, but I had yet to see it!
Yeah, remember that Porsche I am gonna buy myself on my 45th birthday?
I'm thinking it might be for my 44th instead...(that's next month.)
It is just absolutely gorgeous!
Do you think I can get a "previously owned" one at Car Max?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's a small world!

Did you ever have one of those dreams where random people from your life are in it? Someone you used to work with, someone you used to babysit, someone you went on a date with, someone who you know from church, etc--all in one dream...
Yeah, well today, that dream was reality for me! I attended a wedding reception for Daniel, a great family friend and a man who I have literally known his whole life. Daniel and Marissa were married in Hawaii last month. I went today with my parents and my sister, Gina...and then--one by one--it seemed as though I knew everyone there...not through Daniel, but from other areas of my life...And, I just had to take a picture with them all. (Well, except for the guy that I had actually had gone on ONE date with! Yes! Can you believe it?)
Sometimes, the world is just a little TOO small...
The reception was on the patio at Salt Creek Grill and, as usual, the food was fantastic!
It was such an enjoyable afternoon...with so many incredibly special friends.

It's NEVER over...

Dodgers were behind 3-2 going into the bottom of the 9th last night. The stadium started to empty out, presumably due to anticipated chaos in the "controlled zone" parking lot. I was there last week and it IS indeed madness to get out of.
BUT--can you imagine sitting frustrated in that log jam stadium PARKING LOT when the Dodgers not only rally to TIE the game in the 9th, but come back, load the bases in the 10th and allow Russell Martin to hit the first grand slam of his career?!!
A walk off grand slam home run!!
...and most of the fans who came to sit and enjoy the great game of baseball on a beautiful Saturday night...were out in the parking lot fighting their way back to the 5 freeway...
This, dear friends, is the reason I always MEET people at a baseball game. I would never ever DREAM of leaving a game until it is over. And, it really is NEVER OVER...til she sings so.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Surprise Eyes!

Apparently the "Surprise Eyes" smile started when I was about four years old. Guess the bangs have been around forever too!
Seriously, don't I look exactly the same?

In my bikini

Me, my sister Gina and our friend, Kimber...maybe 1968ish?
I am pretty sure it was the last time I wore a bikini...
Guess it was a big year for polka dots too

Friday, April 20, 2007

Phenomenal Photography

These are taken from my friend Rick Graves' website.
I SO love great photos...and I think his are just spectacular!
I was unable to pull any of the "Distavision" photos off the site and they are what I really wanted to show here
So, please go check it out and let me know what you think!
click on 'portfolio'

Gosh I love this show...

Tony, Sarah, Sunny and....

Elijah Sullivan Weems

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Five things I would really like to do....

  1. Surf
  2. Speak Italian
  3. Weigh less than 130
  4. Learn to sit down and relax
  5. Find the love of my life
Not necessarily in that order...

It's a BOY!

My sister, Sarah, had her baby last night...a 6 lb, 9 oz boy.
Name is still in the of 5pm it was either Sullivan or Elijah.
Sunny is stoked to have a little brother to skateboard with.
Pictures will be posted asap

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where I want to be in the OC

I have lived all 43 years of my life in Orange County, and have never lacked for something exciting to do, somewhere enjoyable to go or some excellent place to eat. And because I am fortunate enough to work at Montage Resort, I am actually PAID to continually check out the eateries, sites and attractions of our beautiful and bountiful county.
I know, but somebody's gotta do it.
Taking a cue from Josh Peters, I thought I'd share MY favorite places and my favorite ways to spend a day in the OC...
  1. Old Town Orange-Start with breakfast at Felix's Continental Cafe and spend the day walking through this beautiful little area which includes several antique stores, tea houses, and unique shops selling everything from old record albums to the metal lunch box you had in 3rd grade. (OK, that your dad had.)
  2. San Juan Capistrano-Lunch at The Teahouse at Los Rios , again lots of shops to browse around in and then a little wine and cheese at Napa Valley Wine Bar.
  3. Burke Williams Spa -the massage is just the beginning! After that you can stay the WHOLE day and use the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, quiet room & more. It's heavenly.
  4. Lucky Strikes Bowling- at the block in Orange. A little bowling followed by a little browsing in the great shops. Then lunch at Tu Tu Tangos and top off the afternoon with a couple of hot-out-of-the-oven Krispy Kremes and a chocolate milk. Oh yeah.
  5. Santa Ana Zoo-I went here when I was kid, then took my own kids. Now I take nieces or nephews or I borrow a kid so I can go see the monkeys and ride the elephant.
  6. Orange County Fair-start by checking out the 200 pound pumpkins, grab an eggroll on a stick, ride the giant ferris wheel, go see the 1000 pound bull and then stick around to hear DEVO or Peter Frampton in concert. Dang, I love the fair!
  7. Take in an Angel's Game. Get there about an hour early, get a hot dog, a beer and a bag of peanuts. Go watch batting practice and drink in the most spectacular sites and sounds in the world. NOTHING like a night at the park.
  8. A day in Laguna. Start with breakfast at The Cottage Restaurant. Walk around Laguna's breathtaking main beach and enjoy the surprising assortments of shops and galleries the town has to offer. Spend the afternoon at The Festival of Arts and The Sawdust Festival. So many fabulous dinner choices in new favorite is Mozambique. Finish the night off at the Pageant of the Masters. Stunning!
This is just the beginning! There's so much more to see! Let me know when you wanna join me at any of these places or one of YOUR favorites! I am always ready for an adventure.
And you know I am always ready for a good meal.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The BEST of the Hibbard women!

I had a most enjoyable lunch with Christine, who is "technically" my former sister-in-law, but "actually" one of my closest friends.
After lunch I met Allison...guess where? We had a couple of amazing blended beverages from the Nordstrom Coffee House and we finally got to catch up with each other. Of course, since we were at the mall, we figured we might as well do a little shopping. Allison is a BLAST to be with, shop with and buy clothes with.
And she makes sure that I don't buy anything that isn't cute!

Check out my dad!

Take a peek at my dad's "to do" list from yesterday.
This is a 66 year old man who sends us text messages (from his blackberry), emails, has a blog and changes the ring tone on his cell...I am sure he added songs to his ipod too!
This is Allison's GRANDFATHER! How cool is he??
Hey! If you want to keep up with the world in 2007--this is how you do it!
I am seriously proud of him.
Check it out
Julie's dad's blog

Sunday, April 15, 2007

To do list for tomorrow

I have not had two days off in a row in over a month...until now. I had today off and accomplished so house is totally clean and vacuumed, I did my bills and laundry and now I have a whole other day off tomorrow.
So, here's the plan:
  • Sleep in til like 7
  • Have coffee, a little breakfast and read the paper
  • Watch the Angel game at 7:30 am (Yes--7:30AM!)
  • check email
  • blog
  • take a shower
  • meet my sister-in-law, Christine, for lunch
  • go to the mall and buy wedding gift for upcoming weekend (maybe shop a little too...)
  • get my car washed
  • come home
  • check email
  • blog
  • make a little dinner
  • watch Dodger game at 6:40pm
  • check email
  • blog
  • go to bed
Wow...I'll really be ready to go back to work on Tuesday.


Jackie Robinson
He thrilled fans, shattered baseball's color barrier and changed the face of the nation--
60 years ago today.
Oh, yeah, and he was a Dodger.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home

This is the front door of my beautiful home. Gosh I LOVE my home! I have decorated most of the house with a Vintage Travel theme and posters of the European cities I have visited. The upstairs loft is my work room and holds my bobble heads, metal lunch boxes and lots of other special mementos.
The wood floors are fun to slide on in my socks, especially if I get a running start from my bedroom. The fireplace is nice to sit in front of and read...
Mostly, I like to sit here on my comfy couch, computer in my lap, feet on the hope-chest-turned-coffee table and relax. And watch baseball.
I love my home. I love coming home.
Honestly, there's no place like it.

The gift of the magi...kind of

When I was about 7 years old, my dad took me shopping to buy Christmas presents. I remember picking out gifts for everyone and buying a very special gift for my sister, Gina...a gift that I knew she would like, but I really wanted for myself.
We got home and my dad helped me to wrap the gifts in the garage, so none of the sisters would see them. The next night, he took Gina to do the same shopping. And, again, they wrapped the gifts in the garage and then put them all under the tree with the others.
Immediately I saw that Gina's gift for me was much bigger than the gift I had bought for her. It was in a very large box and I truly had no idea what it could be. I thought maybe she would like her own LARGE gift better than the very small gift I bought her and that maybe she'd let me keep my own gift.
Come Christmas morning, we began opening our presents (a very long process for DiLallos who open one at a time--that's another story!) When Gina unwrapped my gift she was so excited! She loved it so much and I was so glad that she did. She quickly handed me my gift from her--the large box--and I began to unwrap it.
Imagine my surprise when it was the exact same gift that I had given her!
A tiny Kiddle in a coke bottle!
Only recently have I realized how cool my dad was for wrapping the gift that way. Neither one of us knew until Christmas morning that we had given each other the same gift. The one that we both really wanted...