Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Three years ago today...

I met an old friend for breakfast...
And today he is my partner for life. 
Happy Anniversary to us.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I love you truly, truly dear...

I prepare my morning coffee each night before I go to bed.
It is set to begin brewing at 4:05am.
It is sweet music to my ears to hear the BEEP BEEP BEEP which means the coffee is ready!
Each day, when the coffee machine BEEPs away, Dave says, "Your friend is calling you..."
OH how I love coffee.
Especially at 4:15am in the morning.
Indeed, coffee is one of my dearest, closest and most faithful of friends.

Hello Papa?! It's your birthday!

Happy 73rd Birthday to my SWEET dad!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Internal Monologue

I never stop thinking. Ever.
My brain is always making a list or figuring out whose birthday is coming next (must get a card or gift out) or thinking about how to better organize the kitchen or...
I wake up in the middle of the night (10pm or so for me) and I just lay there and think...
This was pretty much my middle of the night thoughts last night:
When is the last time I had my oil changed? Oh wait, I got a new car. How long before I need the oil changed. Do I have scheduled maintenance? What does that mean anyway? Will they call ME to schedule it? Do I have to pay for it. I wonder what my Dad is doing on the night of his birthday. I'll email him when I get to work and see if he wants to go out. I could meet him around 5:30. Maybe Dave could meet us. Maybe Allison could come. I don't want to invite too many. I can't really pay for everyone. What did I get him for a gift? Oh yeah. The movie passes. And I took him to the baseball game, right? When is Easter. I forgot to ask if Dave can be the Easter bunny at work. I'll email Javad when I get to work. I wonder if Zac ever got that door fixed. Do I need to send a save the date card for Dave's party in June? Do I know if the Dodgers won tonight? Do I care any more? Why don't I care? I wonder how Lorraine's date went tonight. Was that an earthquake? Is Marlene really turning 78? Sheesh! She looks so good. I need to send her a card--her birthday is next week. If they take away my suite keys this week, it's going to be such a hassle. I better wear my box moving clothes tomorrow. I wonder how many other 50 year old woman move multiple pallets of boxes each day. Why can't I lose weight? I don't even eat. I don't think I checked Instagram today at all! I don't think I locked the back door. Did I put that last load in the dryer? What time is it. Yikes. OK, you have four full hours left to sleep before you have to get up. We shouldn't have watched that last episode of Breaking Bad. It's so tense! I can't believe how exciting and thrilling it is yet how exhausting it is to watch. I don't want it to end! I have to go to the bathroom. Again. Man it's cold in here. Oh my creaking legs and feet! This toilet seat needs to be tightened up. Is this the last roll of toilet paper. I need to wash that rug. Maybe I should get a new shower curtain. Back to bed. Oh so warm. Go to sleep Julie. I need to email Allison about going to dinner. I'll do that when I get to work. OK! Goodnight!