Saturday, May 14, 2016


If, at nearly 53 years old, I have one glaring 'fault', it is that I am admittedly, impatient. I don't like to wait--but I'm not talking about waiting at line at Target or the movies. Actually I don't mind that at all!
I'm talking about getting things done. I am EXACTLY the second definition above...'restlessly eager.'
Relentlessly would be even more appropriate.
I want to get things finished! Mark it off the list. Done. Complete.
I have always believed that this is why I was such a good waitress. (I really was.) I loved to be given a task (guests' order) and to meticulously gather the necessary items (ketchup, Tabasco, jelly) to have everything ready for the food to arrive. Coffees filled and orders delivered, I would drop the check and be finished. Of course I went back 20 more times to assure coffee cups were never empty, but I took GREAT delight in accomplishing perfection in serving. There were MANY days when the main dining room of the restaurant was empty and there was a wait for my section, the counter and five side booths. The other waitresses SWORE that I was giving away food. Nope, just giving away good service. Restlessly eager to finish and make each person satisfied.
I do the same in my home. If there is a task that needs to be done, I am unable to do anything else until it's finished. Why wait? When we moved into this home nine months ago, we DID NOT SIT DOWN until walls were painted, pictures were hung, appliances were updated...well, you get it. Within a month, the house looked like we had been here for 10 years. And, it's often been told to me, it looks like a model home.
Why would we WAIT to do what we wanted to do? People would say, why don't you relax this weekend? Sit down, read a book...!
Nope, I'm relentlessly eager to get it done.
Amazon Prime was created for me. For people like me for sure. I need decaf coffee, a new hose nozzle and a tube of red face paint for the Angels game next week. From my phone I can arrange next-day delivery of ALL of these items--to my front door!--in about two minutes. I don't want to go to Ralphs, Lowes and Party City--three different stores for three different things--I just want what I need--now!
Today we are working in our back yard. Sure, it looks 'fine.' We are going to scrub the bricks and plant some more flowers and vegetables and clean off the patio furniture--we've planned this day all week.
However, I got off work early on Thursday and came straight home. I spray painted pots and re potted plants and hosed off the patio and raked up the pine needles...
I couldn't wait!
But why would I?
Is that impatience or determination?
Restlessness or dedication?
The ONLY time I enjoy sitting down is when the house is immaculate, the laundry is all caught up and birthday gifts for the month are wrapped and ready to go.
Thankfully, because of my persistence, conviction and tenacity (not impatience...) all of that happens... OFTEN!
Yep, I want to have things done. My name is Julie and I am impatient.
Impatient to be productive and efficient.
It works for me.
It makes me happy.
Impatient? Possibly.
Restlessly eager?
That sounds much more like me...