Thursday, February 27, 2014

Think positive about negativity!

Saw this on a friend's blog the other day and just can't stop thinking about it! 
It makes SO much sense. 
Your (amazing) memory reminds you to NOT touch the hot stove or to NOT eat something that made you sick by allowing you to remember how much it hurt and how painful it was!
And this is the very same reason that you remember the tough relationships you were in and the stupid things you allowed! It's so that you will REMEMBER to date someone who is KIND and to remember to NOT allow someone to make you feel bad again.
I have to read it over a few times...but it's really amazing to me. I always wondered why I would 'go back' to those negative moments in my life over and over again
...and now I truly understand why.
I remember how much I got burned.
And I want to be sure it never happens again.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If these walls could talk....

...they would tell you of the HOURS of work and labor and laughter and CRAZY that went into transforming this wall!! MUCH more work to do on it...and, strangely, I LOVE doing it!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A JOYOUS day off!

 after (puttied every hole and repainted the wall...)
watch for part two of this wall's life sometime this week
 ...and moved everything (meticulously) over to the other side of the room...

I treated myself to a new sewing basket (the one I had was a gift from my mother in law on my 21st birthday...) and transferred everything over neatly! I can't wait to mend something! 
Actually, the first thing I did this morning was clean out my toolbox. It had been years. Now everything has a place and I can find what I need. 
I love order.
I've heard it said that for every minute you spend organizing, you save yourself an hour of time. 
I absolutely believe that! 
And--organizing is perhaps my MOST favorite thing to do. I LOVE to clean and put things in order and KNOW where everything is! 'A place for everything and everything in its place."
I'm almost there. 
IKEA tomorrow...and that blank wall will become a masterpiece in organization!

Montage Anniversary Parties

 My first anniversary celebration in 2006!

With the 2014 Anniversary party being next week, I was looking back through iPhoto to see what I'd worn each year to the previous parties. 
Then, I realized how fun it was to look back. 
OH how life has changed from that first's a WHOLE different world now. THAT seems like 20 years ago...
Nice to know, too, that I only repeated a dress one time. 
Thank you, Allison, for being my date several times. 
And for loaning me that sexy dress in 2011.
I know what to wear next week now too.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day...and HAPPY every day!

There is a lot of truth in the words above.

Happy Valentine's DayThis year, I have a romantic Valentine--and I am SO grateful and love him so much!
For many (MANY!) years, I did not. Yet, I have to admit, I always had a Happy Valentine's Day.
The joy was never dependent on someone else.