Friday, August 7, 2015

Lucky in Love

Each weekday morning, right outside my bedroom window, two people come out of their garage and walk toward their cars. They look at each other and talk softly and kindly. 
They almost always hold hands (unless they are full of things they are taking to work.) 
They linger when they get to their cars...not wanting to leave each other. They talk of what they will do for dinner (he usually says that he'll stop at the store!) They mention whose birthday it is--how many days til the weekend
Then...Just one more kiss. Cute smiles....
They wish each other a good day and--almost simultaneously, every single day--look at each other and say, "Work hard and come home to me..."
I smile when their little ritual is finished. It brings me great joy.
I smile because it's me. And my boyfriend. 
And I know that we are practically the luckiest people in the world.