Sunday, September 30, 2012

De Do do do De da da da...

 The BRAND NEW statue of 'Zenyatta' at Santa Anita
Zenyatta won 19 consecutive races in a 20-race career!
 Even got to meet the artist, Anita Kaiser, who was doing some finishing touches on the statue!
It is absolutely stunning!
 Then our Sweet Seattle Shamrock had her first official workout at Santa Anita today!
She looks a little like Zenyatta doesn't she...?
So very excited about the upcoming season...!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Hour

I realized today that I love going to the gym. Even after running around at work for 8 hours, I came home and KNEW I had to get to the gym. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel strong. It is also a place now where I know other people--they come over to talk baseball with me--I'm a regular there! And, well, you know how I love to know everybody's name...
When I get on the treadmill I THINK! I PROCESS! I GO OVER THE THINGS I NEED TO DO, SHOULD DO, WANT TO DO, HOPE TO DO! I smile as I realize how good it feels to feel good.
There was a time when I was going to therapy--to a psychologist--five and six times a month--at $150/session. Even with my personal trainer right now, going to the gym is less that 1/3 of the cost! And seriously, I leave with a HUGE smile on my face every single time. I am so positive about life!
I feel good. I feel STRONG! I feel like I am getting better--inside and out! My stomach is firming up, my ass is returning to its actual location and my arms...well, I am LOVING my beautiful guns! I run, I lift, I do squats and sit ups and I SWEAT!! Oh MAN do I sweat!
And really, what's one hour in my day?
Doing something for me...feeling better every day...finding out what I really want to be...
And enjoying every minute.
It really is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy...with ten times the benefits.
It is my "Happy Hour" with a lifetime of rewards. 
Among them...looking good naked.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Here's to good friends...

Did you ever have a friend who loved you for who you REALLY are? Did you ever have a friend who asked you how you were doing, what was going on in your life, how your heart is, if life was treating you well...? (Not just 'how's work?' and 'how are your kids?'...) Did you ever have a friend who you could be yourself with? Your REAL, honest, silly, practically hilarious self with?? 

I am OH SO fortunate to have MANY of these genuine, fruitful, deep, authentic friendships!

We have developed a group of friends who are REAL, HONEST, OPEN, LOVING, FULL OF LIFE AND LOVE AND LAUGHTER...!
 And it is SHEER JOY to spend time with these people. 
Perhaps it has something to do with our stage of life...we know ourselves...we LIKE ourselves...!
And we are honest about who we are...

I love each and every one of these people!
And, as an incredible bonus, they love me.

We KNOW each other. REALLY know each other!!
We CARE for each other.
We APPRECIATE each other. We LAUGH with each other!
We have BEEN THERE for each other...and will continue to be.
We have FUN!
We are LIVING life together!

We SO enjoy our time together. 
We SO enjoy each other!
Nothing better in the world. 
I am SO grateful!
I love these people. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Status Foe!

For YEARS, when filling out forms, the 'options' above would be listed time after time.
Me? Well, for the last seven years, I have ALWAYS checked Single. Yes, single. 
In my thinking, I never knew why they needed to have 'divorced' on there. If you are divorced, you are single. And, if you are widowed you are single too...right? Hey--you could be married AND divorced too, right? Come on.
Quite honestly, I hate the 'D' word and NEVER use it. I truly feel the term--just the word--is very negative--and, if I may say so, judgmental. But more than anything else, it ties you to the past. 
Sure, I was once married--but what does that have to do with anything? 
I'm single. And will check that box.

Today I was sent an email asking me to update information and beneficiaries in regards to my 401k.  
I was THRILLED when I saw the options below:
Hooray! This company GETS it!
There really ARE only TWO choices--married or not married. And I am not married--period.

I know this may seem crazy to some...but I see it as a HUGE positive step!
I live in the present...and today, I am not married.
How or why--or if I once was--is absolutely irrelevant.

Monday, September 24, 2012

What a difference a DECADE makes!

Me and my cousin, Robin, early 2002 

Me and my cousin, Robin, early 2012
Between the two of us, we are at least 100 pounds lighter in the bottom photo...
and AT LEAST a hundred times happier!
(How lucky indeed!)

Me, again, late 2002...
170 pounds, size 14 jeans
Don't let the smile fool you...these were rough days, filled with confusion. 
I had so much doubt about myself, my place in life and was dreading my future.

 Me, last night...toasting "To Life!"
130 pounds, size FOUR dress...
martini in hand, dear, true, genuine friends all around...

I LOVE these days! I love where the last ten years have brought me! 
And OH how I love what the last ten years have TAUGHT me!
I feel so good, I am OH SO confident and I know myself so very well now. 
I have LIFE and LOVE and LAUGHTER in my every single day. 
I have GREAT hope in tomorrow and an absolute JOY-FILLED curiosity about the future!

I am so happy today.

Remember that commercial from years past...?
You're not getting're getting better!
So grateful to be able to honestly say that.

Can I get an Amen?!