Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kick the can!

While cleaning my garage earlier this week, I came across about 10 paint cans...most of them empty...some just totally hard and un-usable.
I had yet to find a GREEN (and legal) way to dispose of them so, for two years now, I have just stored them. They took up space and looked bad and, seriously, they are not super healthy to have around!
After AT LEAST a dozen phone calls asking how to dispose of hazardous household waste, I finally got the answer and knew I had to share it with you...
Waste and Recycling of Orange County
6411 Oak Canyon
Irvine 92618
714 834 6752
(right off Sand Canyon and the 5)
I drove up, the guys opened my tailgate and unloaded it all...quick, easy and so convenient!
There's tons of paint AVAILABLE there too!
Check it out!
Clean out your garage!
Get rid of paint and other hazardous materials the RIGHT way!
You're welcome

Friday, August 29, 2008

Take me (and a few friends) out to the ballgame!

Tonight was our MUCH ANTICIPATED Montage night at Angel Stadium!
Fifty of us enjoyed a beautiful night at the ol' ballgame!

Light up the Halo--Angels win!
And, light up the was Fireworks Friday...
a perfect way to top off the evening!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yep, I'm going

Billy Idol, Blondie, Devo, Psychedelic Furs,
REO Speedwagon and Twisted Sister!
Holy crap! How fun will THAT be??

Lucky Sevens

After dropping off a load behind Goodwill today, Eliane and I decided to go see if there was anything INSIDE Goodwill that we had to have.
Oh are we glad we did!
Eliane found an Angel shirt to wear to the game on Friday night.
Cost? $1.99
And...I found a pair of SEVEN jeans that fit me perfectly!!! Yes! Sevens!!
It was indeed a GOOD day at Goodwill.
And it was just the beginning of a(nother) GREAT day for us!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monet isn't everything...

Eliane and I just returned from the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters. And, once again, it was absolutely spectacular. Tonight was my second time this season...and at least my 10th time over all.
I love the whole experience...and I always have.
Besides the Pageant, there are incredible art exhibits--photography, jewelry, sculptures, blown glass, children's art work and so much more!
This year is the Pageant's 75th Anniversary!
The Pageant itself is staff completely with volunteers!
Tonight was my gift to Eliane for her birthday.
So glad she let me tag along...

Re(ally) productive System

My friend, Eliane and I have been OH SO productive in the last 48 hours!
We have gone to dinner with my folks, grocery shopped, cleaned out my garage, made a magnificent dinner and had friends over to share it with...and so much more!
The garage was quite a mess...
and Allison's belongings needed some organization!
Every single thing is organized and in the right place.
Allison will EASILY find everything now!
And I will be able to sleep better too!
I also took the opportunity to fix several things in my home...
I was locked out of the house last month and the above shot shows the result of my attempt to get in.
I had to call a locksmith.
Today, I replaced the knob. (No locksmith necessary...)
And I replaced both toilet seats.
Eliane just made us dinner from last night's left overs.
Then, we are headed to the Pageant of the Masters.
We are so damn productive...we almost amaze ourselves!
(Well, almost.)
We already have our list for tomorrow's activities!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Having a ball...

My friend Eliane is here this week visiting from Ohio. I picked her up at the airport around 3 on Sunday and we have not stopped since. Not for a minute! And, of course, we were up at 5 this morning ready to start our day!!
Eliane and I always joke that we do more in one day than most people do in a week. And when we are together, seriously...we do not even take a breath. We are so productive too!
We worked in my garage most of the day and then shopped a bit, visited a few friends, and then had people over for dinner. (It was delicious and SO fun too!)
Now it is 11:37 and we are just going to sleep!
Day one of our six day vacation.
I am exhausted...
And I can't wait til tomorrow...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are you nuts?

Tonight I went shopping at Ralphs, and since I'm going to the baseball game this week, one of the items on my grocery list was 'peanuts'. They usually have the Dodgers peanuts which, of course, is my first preference. Sometimes they only have the Angels peanuts, which is fine, though second best. (I know--they are in first by 15 games--sorry, I still bleed Dodger Blue!)
But tonight...THIS is what they had.
Seriously??!! Really??
I'm sorry, but I do not know one person in Orange County who is a Padre fan. Not one! Matter of fact, I am not sure if there is anyone in San Diego who's a Padre fan any more..last I heard they were 20 games out of first!
There was not one bag of Dodgers or Angels peanuts in the place...insane!
I actually bitched and moaned for a few minutes in the produce department. But, being as they were the only peanuts available (and at $2.00/bag they are less than half the price than at the ballgame) I put them in my basket extremely reluctantly...and prayed that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew!
Please know that as soon as I got home I poured the peanuts from the Padres bag into a Ziploc. Then I went outside to get rid of the Padres bag. Thankfully, my neighbor's trash can was still out front of the house.
I don't even want anyone to see that wrapper in my trash.
I will tell ya though...I definitely won't have any problem eating the peanuts.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing nothing...absolutely nothing...

I have gone out almost every night since returning from Kenya.
So today I decided that I was going to come straight home after work and do nothing!
When I got home I took a bath and watched the Dodger game (ugh!) and read the new issues of Victoria and Real Simple magazines and talked to a couple of friends on the phone and made a delicious grilled cheese & vegetable sandwich and updated my Facebook page and had a bowl of Cherries Garcia Frozen Yogurt (with chocolate syrup!) and cleaned out my Yahoo inbox and went through a stack of mail and watched a movie and bought a pair of shoes online and sewed a button on my suit and chatted with a friend online and caught up on everyone's blog.
I love the nights that I just sit and do nothing.
I get so much done.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

...and they call it Bella Notte

and, speaking of Bella...
Enjoyed a lovely evening with Bella and the Sarti Family
and Todd and Jaime too!
Leigh barbecued delicious steaks, Jaime brought a fabulous spinach salad and Jana served up yummy rice, fruit and french bread.
(As usual, I brought dessert!)
The Sarti boys
...and the girls!
Sweet Leighton
Jaime and Todd will be getting married in January!
I worked with Todd at Saddleback and at Montage and have known his (awesome!) mom for about 10 years...
Jaime and I still work together at Montage!
Allison's picture hangs on the Sarti refrigerator!
He loves your picture, Allison!
Sing it with me..."Her name is Lola, the youngest Sarti..."
(Does this make TWO pictures of me with a baby this week? Yikes!)
I kissed all the kids for you Allison. Bella even showed me
the jeep that apparently she'll be driving to Kenya!
Yeah for a great night with great friends!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Cure

"Race for the Cure" is about saving lives and ending breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.
My Nana is a two-time survivor, having lost both breasts to cancer 25 years apart. Obviously, this is an issue that is very close to my heart.
On Sunday, September 28th, along with thousands of other concerned and committed people, I will be "Racing for the Cure."

If you would like to assist me in making a $1,000 contribution to this cause, you can click
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

USA for Africa

I have been home from Kenya for twelve days. I have been to the market and Target and back to work and back to Chili's. I have run my air conditioning all night, had a hot shower every morning, and slept each night the comfort of my down-filled blankets and pillows. I've watched four or five movies, finished up a couple of novels and spent too much money on a new coffee maker. I've sat in the sun, laid on the beach and lounged by the pool...
But Kenya has not left my mind. Nope.
Not for one second.
I just got back from dinner with a couple of friends where--for three hours--I did not stop talking about my experiences/thoughts/feelings and memories of Kenya.
In fact, I have not stopped talking for TWELVE DAYS.
Warning: "How was your trip?" is a loaded question.
I am still overwhelmed. And praying about what I am to do with all my new feelings. With all the things I NOW know. And once you know what's over there, what's being done, what still needs to happen--you have to do something about it!
I believe that sharing the information with others is step one.
OK. Check. Believe me, I am sharing.
I am praying for the revelation of step two.
Until then...If you ask me, I will tell...
And then you will know too.

Starting it today...

The numerous posts from Ryanne and Allison (and hundreds of others!) regarding the GREATNESS of this book--and subsequent Meyer books--I decided I had to read it too.
As I went to pay yesterday, the girl at Barnes & Noble told me, "You should go ahead and buy the second book right now. You're going to read this in one day."

I have three appointments and a meeting today...
so it may take me two.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My a very very very clean house...

It's one of my favorite dreams...especially when it's reality.
Most of you have only seen my house clean. But it had been a LONG 10 days since returning from Kenya, and, honestly, I don't think the house had ever been in such disorder and chaos. I'd worked seven days straight and gone out nearly every night last week...and my house paid dearly for it. I couldn't even see the kitchen table--it was a mountain of shopping bags, newspapers and days worth of mail, gifts needing to go out, and--nearly everything I had worn over the last week--three suit coats, a sweater and a jean jacket and both my Dodgers jerseys. Seriously ridiculous.
Add to it the fact that Allison had moved much of her belongings into my home to be stored while she is in Kenya and much of it was still in my living room. It was not a problem--except for the fact that I had just ADDED more crap to it rather than going through it, organizing it and putting it in a proper place for the duration of her trip. My stuff was PILED on her stuff and I was feeling totally out of control. Disorder literally makes me angry, agitated and anxious.
So yesterday, I worked a short shift in the morning, and, after Andre Ethier's walk-off home run, decided it was time to regain control of my life and order in my home...
While the washer, dryer and dishwasher ran loads for me, I spent the next SIX straight hours cleaning floors and windows, organizing closets and cabinets, scrubbing toilets and bathtubs, and washing sinks and counter tops. I deep-vacuumed all 1450 square feet (which, by the way, includes 42 stairs!) Every single thing was put in its proper place. I moved outside for a bit and watered and trimmed all my plants out on the balcony, (tossed a few dead ones) and swept up all the leaves. I even cleaned up my Yahoo inbox! It felt sooo good!
I threw out THREE bags of trash and ended up with a LARGE bag of items to be taken to Goodwill today. I bagged up and wrapped up and lined up all the gifts and packages that need to go with me to various locations this week. And, just around 10pm, I emptied the dishwasher, folded the LAST load from the dryer--and put it away.
As I sat on the couch talking to a friend...I admired my SPARKLING home. The only thing on the kitchen table--a little vase of pretty white roses clipped from my front yard.
It was a PLEASURE to go to bed (in clean sheets no less!) knowing that the entire house was back in order. I admit that I cannot have order in my head unless there is order in my house, my spirit is so much calmer when clean overcomes chaos.
I have just a few things to mend and iron this morning and will be meeting a friend for lunch and another for dinner. And I am going to enjoy the day so much more knowing that my home will be a joy to come back to.
I swear, the whole experience is almost like therapy for me. Yet so much cheaper and with results I can see and appreciate!
I encourage you to clean something today...I promise, it feels soooo good!