Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby you can drive my car...

My nephew Thatcher just turned 15, but is already counting the days until he can drive. I have offered to give him a really good deal on my Passat wagon come his 16th birthday next January. That gives him just about a year to save up the money.
And, I believe I have found the car to replace the Passat.
It's the new CC by Volkswagen...and it's just gorgeous.
Yeah, so I've got just about a year to save up the money.

For Eliane

...which they sometimes do...

Friday, February 27, 2009


(Read THE PREVIOUS DAY'S POST before reading this one)
I just went down to check the front porch and guess what?
There was a present there for me!
My sweet Mommy framed a picture of me with Gina and Allison and wrapped it up with a new Pez dispenser and some dark chocolate Dove candies!!

Do you know what this means?
It means my mother loves me AND...
that she reads my blog.
Not sure that it gets much better.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Routine play at home

I rarely use my front door. I am blessed to have an attached garage that I am able to drive right into, put the door down and walk directly into my home.
My front door is on the far opposite side of the house--and down two flights of stairs! I often even have guests come through the garage--it faces the guest parking lot--and it's just a whole lot easier.
But, every single night--without fail--at some point in the evening, I trek down to that door-- 'to check the front porch.'
(That is my doormat by the way!)
I turn on the porch light, unchain the front door and slowly open it up. I let out a little sigh as I pick up the realtor notepads and house cleaner's fliers and giant pink donation bags that accumulate out there. I check the plants to see if they need watering. I pick up the sticks and rocks and stray branches on the walk.
But here's the deal...
I really go down there each night with the HOPE that there is something amazing out there for me. A special package, a bouquet of flowers, a surprise gift...or, well...
I go to see if, perhaps, just maybe...someone might be out there waiting for me.
I know! Ridiculous, right? Have I just seen way too many movies?!

I'm not sure exactly what it is I'm looking for...
But I go down in hopes of finding it.
Every single night.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Investing in the Manny Market

This morning I got a text from my investment guy, Roy. It read, "Dodgers on verge of signing Manny." He often tells me this kind of stuff to avert my attention from the stock market crash du jour.
But it got me to thinking of how Manny's signing will not just seriously improve my many ways, it could truly be just the stimulus that the economy itself needs to get back on track!
First off, I want to see Manny in Arizona. So does everyone else. Secondly, I want to see him at Dodgers Stadium--and so does everyone else!
Seriously, this is how I see Manny helping the economy in general:
Manny signs.
People IMMEDIATELY buy up the remaining tickets for Spring Training games at Camelback Ranch, which means more jobs for the people of Glendale and its outlying areas. It also means more people will book flights on Southwest Airlines, giving hours and money back to pilots, flight attendants, airport staff, etc. It means more customers for the hotels, motels, stores, gas stations and restaurants of Arizona. This means the valets and bellmen and waitresses and mini-market people retain their jobs and have more money! Which means that they, in turn, are able to take their family on vacation, or out for a meal thus causing OTHER businesses and OTHER areas of the country to have increased travelers and hotel guests and restaurant customers....etc, etc, etc.
And, did I mention that people will call Dodger Stadium and buy 2009 season tickets? Oh yeah! This means more peanut vendors, more beer guys, more people out there selling MANNY WIGS! Peanut company workers keep their job. Beer truck drivers too. Even the wig makers stay busy and make money!! And, then these people have enough money to take THEIR family to dinner, shopping, take them on vacation see? It's the circle of life!
And it all starts when Manny's signiture graces that dotted line.
In some ways, of course, I am being a little bit silly. But, in many ways (manny ways?) I am not...
I can already hear the collective "YES!" from Dodgers fans when this is finalized and actualized and printable!
And, honestly, it could be the beginning of economic relief to the entire country!!
It truly just might be just the stimulus we have been waiting for!!
Stay tuned.
I will, by the way, be checking the Dodger website periodically throughout the night...I want to be among the first to know that Santa has arrived.
Hmm, that Roy is pretty smart. I didn't even checked the stock market once today...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celebrate good times...come on!!

So much fun at our Anniversary Celebration tonight!
Have I mentioned that I love my job and the people that I work with??
SO much!
LIFE is OH so good!

I hear laughter in the rain

....and God knows I love to dance...

Monday, February 23, 2009

If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you.

Today I walked through the halls of work--OH so happy to be there. I LOVE to say Good Morning to every single person who walks by me. And I say their name. It makes them smile.
It makes me happy.
I'll admit it--I feel my best when I am at work--I am doing what I was made to do--no doubt! I love working as a team and accomplishing our goals together to satisfy our guests.
It makes me happy.
Someone always tells me I look nice or stops to give me a hug or ask when the Dodgers are going to sign Manny. These people know me. I feel loved, valued and appreciated there. I feel productive.
It makes me SO happy.
There are a lot of things going on in the world today that can take away our joy, if we let it.
Don't let it. Please don't let it.
Happy is such a better, easier, less painful way to go through makes it so much more enjoyable too! Sometimes you'll have to choose it. Sometimes you just have to make the decision to BE happy.
I pretty much do this every day. Always have.
When all else fails...(or on a mandatory day off!) here's a few ways that I help myself stay happy...Try some! I promise...Life is so good!
1. Put on some music and SING and DANCE!
2. Put on a funny movie or TV show and LAUGH!
3. Sit in your jammies, read a book and relax!
4. Smile all the time! It feels so good!
5. Help others be their best! Compliment people! Encourage them! (This feels SO good!)
6. Go out with friends. Stay IN with friends! Laugh and sing and dance with friends. Great friendships have kept me alive all these years!
7. Be grateful! Look around at what you have and know how good you've got it. Yep, I have a 10 year old car and a house that's worth $150,000 less than what I paid--and I love them both. My home is beautiful, safe, warm and perfect for me. My car is reliable, Dodger blue and PAID FOR!
8. Stay busy! Watch an old movie. Call a friend. Go for a walk. It feels so good! Clean out a cabinet, your dresser--make a trip to the Goodwill! Organize your old photo albums, go through your files--throw things away! A clean house is a happy house.
9. Forgive someone. Forgive everyone. Cut the cord on any old relationships that still hold you back. Throw away his letters and delete those emails. Leave the hurt on the other side and cross the bridge to the future! It's beautiful and so freeing!
10. Keep going--and keep living--one day at a time. Challenge yourself to be happy in spite of the economic and financial situation of the nation. When I realize that there is still so much good and that I've got just enough money to make my mortgage again...
well, it makes me happy.
You are loved...
And you make me happy.

Let the games begin!

It's warming up in Glendale...
How BEAUTIFUL are these shots?!
And I'll be joining them in just a few weeks!
Lucky me!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

And the winner is...Trisa!

Yet another birthday celebration tonight...for my friend Trisa! It was a combination birthday/Academy Awards party...and it was spectacular! We dined on amazing appetizers, champagne, coq au vin (seriously!!) and angel food/chocolate mint ice cream cake! It was an incredible dinner with such good friends!
Trisa LOVES Hugh Jackman and Laura was kind enough to frame a photo of him as a gift.
(And, HELLO!! he was the host of the Oscars!!!)
Me, Trisa, Shadi and Laura
And Trisa's adorable son, Jason!
Each time I enjoy a night like this, I am reminded of that fact that four years ago...
I did not know any of these people...
and, now, they are among my favorite people in the world!
Life is good!

Happy Birthday Laura!

What a JOYFUL birthday celebration with Laura and her family and friends last night!
(We had almost lost the can see it was sliding off the plate!)
Laura's adorable daughter, Jackie!...husband, JoshelinWe danced all night!
Laura's daughter, Paige, had made up a routine for a talent show to "Let's Dance"...
she was trying to teach me the moves.
I have never been able to learn routines (one of the many reasons I could not be a cheerleader)
I just made Paige laugh while I made up my own Lady Gaga moves...
Laura's son, Koben took center stange and showed us how it's REALLY done!Her oldest daughter, Brittney wisely chose to be a spectator.Then, the night was complete as Laura's nephew, Tyler (who is taking ballroom dance classes) led me in dancing to "At Last"
(I know, I have a good life...)
Happy Birthday DEAR friend!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Manny things to think about...

I was standing in a long line at Staples yesterday...minding my own business. I was wearing a Dodgers tee shirt--yet still minding my own business--when the guy in front of me said,
"I heard they signed Manny."
I said, "What?! In the last 15 minutes??!" I check the Dodgers website five or six times a day and had just looked at it before I ran to Staples...there was no way! And there was REALLY no way I wanted a dork holding office supplies to be the one to break this news to me!!
I pulled my phone out of my bag to see if there were emails/text messages/voice mails for me...I KNOW I would have a few (dozen) people who would have already contacted me about Manny if it had truly happened. NOTHING.
In the mean time, the guy says, "Chill Dude...I was kidding. I just wanted to see if you were really a fan."
Really? My mind was racing and wondering if I really needed the ream of paper I was holding.
I decided to just say, "OK" which (since my most recent stint in therapy) is my favorite answer to just about everything. No need to defend myself or tell him he's an a**hole. I just smiled, nodded and looked away.
But he didn't stop "Can you explain the infield fly rule?"
For the love of GOD, dude, put your pencil sharpener and your glue sticks up...
on the counter, pay for them and get out of my face!
But there was no way that I was going to say anything at all to this pencil-purchasing pain in the neck. I just raised my eyebrows and shook my head. No answer was my answer.
He kinda chuckled (barf) and turned around.
Ridiculous, right?

By the way, I can, indeed explain the infield fly rule and love to do so with anyone who is truly interested in learning more about the beautiful game of baseball. But I certainly would not waste my breath proving my knowledge to a sad man buying glue sticks at 3 in the afternoon.
Especially one who messed with me about Manny.

PS No matter the outcome with Manny--whether he signs with the Dodgers or not--I will continue to love and support the team, follow and ENJOY each game, and wear my Dodgers tee shirts often...and with pride!
And mind my own freaking business.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You picked a fine time to feed me Lucille...

Allison is making the rounds--seeing family and visiting restaurants!
Tonight we had dinner with my family at Lucille's!
With Bum and PapaCousin LoganLogan and Thatcher and Aunt JoojThe most incredible chocolate cake ever!
Welcome Home Allison!
No more beans and chapati!