Friday, May 30, 2008

Birth(day) Control

And so we saved the best for last...Birthday dinner #...?
Ah, it was a whole Happy BirthMONTH!
Tonight Heather treated me to dinner at Lucille's!! Yummy!
I had a great big piece of Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce (oh my!) and Heather had the Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafers!
SUCH a good dinner, SUCH a good talk...SUCH a good friend.
And SUCH a small world...we knew just about everyone in the restaurant tonight!

(Oh, and yes indeed, next month I will be dining exclusively with my friend Jenny Craig.)

One bit of advice...

Be forgiving.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doing shots! was the day...
A shot for Yellow Fever
A shot for Polio
A shot for Hepatitis A and
a Typhoid shot...just to round things out...
Two shots in each arm!
I will have to say tho...I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with all of the WONDERFUL people from Saddleback Memorial Hospital who came to staff the clinic!
Special treat! This is Suzie...her daughter, Hillary, and Allison were in the show choirs at El Toro High School together! Suzie and I were chaperons on their road trips, worked the shows and were on the School Board together too.
I was so happy to see her. I said, "Suzie! It's been so long-we should celebrate.
How about we do a shot?!"

Oh yeah...I received my prescription for Malaria pills today too!
Kenya believe it?!


I always look forward to seeing the Jacaranda trees in full bloom throughout the city every year. When these gorgeous, full, purple trees are blooming, you can almost set your clock. It means Summer is on its way, the school year is almost over, graduations are coming up...another year has passed.
I have a picture of myself in my cap and gown under the Jacaranda trees at Cal State Fullerton. Love that shot.
The fact that these trees bloom every year--right on time--is kind of comforting really.
It's a reminder of the routine--simple--cycles of life.
That no matter all the changes and chaos and craziness that goes on...
thankfully, much of life is still so very predictable.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coming to NY in October!!

Gotta gotta GOTTA see this...

Favorite Candy EVER!

Today I picked up a piece of a red wrapper off the ground and it triggered a memory of a candy bar I used to love when I was young! LOOK! (Seems like it's YELLING at you, huh?)
Not sure if it's even still around...but it was dark chocolate covered nougat and (from what I remember) it is spectacular!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today is Tuesday

I am all mixed up on my days.
I was off on Saturday, which I never am. I worked Sunday, but was off yesterday and now I am off today too. I looked at my calendar this morning and said--out loud-- "OK, today is Tuesday...."

Which sent my mind to a song. It's a song from The Mickey Mouse Club...and I have not thought of it for YEARS. But this morning, when I said, "Today is Tuesday..." it flowed out of my mouth like I had sung it every Tuesday of my entire life.

"Today is Tuesday, you know what that means...
we're gonna have a special guest

So, get out the broom, sweep the place clean
and dust off the mat so the WELCOME can be seen.
Roll out the carpet, strike up the band
and give out with a HIP HOORAY (Hip Hooray!!)

Wiggle your ears, like good Mouseketeers,
we're gonna present our guest today...

Cause Tuesday is guest star day."

Yep, I'm a dork.
And I don't know what day it is.
But I always have a song to sing...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hit me with your best shot!

I have OFTEN mentioned that I can beat anyone at Name That Tune. It is a RARE moment that I can't tell you the name of a song and who sings it and I can usually come up with a tid bit of information that you might have never known about the song. Yeah, it's more than most people want to know for sure. But it really is one of my gifts. (Addiction? Compulsion?)
If I can't figure out who sings it--I go crazy til I find out. Sometimes I hear a song at the market and I'll ask the checker who's singing. If he doesn't know the answer (or if he thinks I am a freak) I immediately head home to Google it. I rest only once I know who sings it and WHERE I know the song from. This doesn't happen very often tho, because I am pretty much the QUEEN of naming tunes.
But yesterday--I got to spend the day with the NAME THAT TUNE KING! It was breath taking...beautiful...absolutely brilliant! As we drove around, I scanned through my iPod mixing up songs and playing incredibly random selections--Neil Sedaka and Neil Diamond, Annie Lennox and Andy Gibb, Paul Simon, Paul Anka, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Boston. I was trying hard to stump him--Boz Scaggs! A-ha! Hazy Fantazie! Roy Orbison!
He got every freeking one. Everything! Most on just a few notes. (We let a few play through so we could sing along. Most fun? Singing every word to "I Just Want to be Your Everything")
Seriously--we laughed the whole time and I was just totally blown away! I was SO impressed. I have NEVER known anyone who knew music better than me.
I handed over my crown.
At one point he told me about this time he heard a song and how he went crazy until he figured out who sang it and where he knew it from.
Hmmm...yep. I understand that.
I guess that makes two of us.

They've killed Kenny!

I am not sure which I am more reluctant to admit...that I had never seen an episode of South Park until the last few weeks OR that now--I freaking love the show.
Earlier this month, a friend of mine brought over a recorded VHS tape of concert he had taped...and on the end of the video were a couple of the South Park episodes--so we just kept watching.
And I could not stop laughing and wondering, "Where in the HECK did they come up with this stuff?" It's unbelievable!
Now, you gotta know that the show was a HUGE favorite of Zac and his friends. I used to hear them laughing hysterically from the TV room every time they watched the show. I remember just walking in on a few minutes of the show from time to time and just thinking it was crude and gross.
It IS indeed crude and gross...but it is absolutely BRILLIANT as well. The writing is creative and original and amazingly clever...SO entertaining!
I watched a few more episodes this morning and laughed OUT LOUD--constantly!
I just added the remaining seasons to my Netflix queue.
I can't wait.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Singled out

It was "Happy Hour" at the restaurant when I walked in to meet my friends last night. As usual, I was the first to arrive and scanned the bar looking for a familiar face. Being in a pensive mood to begin with, I looked around and thought that "Happy Hour" might be a misnomer.
I began to take a little survey: it seems as though 'couples' sit IN the bar and 'singles' sit AT the bar. I know this a generalization, but as I sat (IN the bar and alone) I kept watching folks as they came in. Yep. If you're part of a couple you sit at a table. If you're alone--you head to the bar.
I continued to take mental notes noticing that most of the 'couples' were not even talking to each other. They ate their food, occasionally looked up at the Laker game and drank their $12 martinis.
The folks AT the bar talked to one another. Faced one another. Laughed with each other.
But, would they rather be sitting IN the bar with someone? They seemed to glance around the room a lot...and there were lots of couples in that place last night.
Actually, the whole world seems to be coupled up. There really is constant pressure to find someone to sit IN the bar with. And go on vacation with. And live life with.
Truth is though, I don't know too many people who are happily married (oxymoron?) Most of my married girlfriends are envious of my current living situation and tell me so constantly.
And yet, from my seat IN the bar last night, I scanned the men AT the bar and in the restaurant and wondered if I would ever find someone to join me...IN the bar. And in life.
For some reason, I really want that.
Interestingly, I think that each side has the other side fooled. Those coupled up IN the bar, look at those AT the bar and think they have it made. And those singled out, at the bar, long for someone to sit IN the bar with...and do life with.
My friends joined me and we ordered a bottle of wine.
Still single, but no longer alone.
Ah ha! People to sit IN the bar with. And talk with. And laugh with. And enjoy life with.
A darn good compromise.

"It isn't hard to be good from time to time...
What's tough is being good every day." Willie Mays

Friday, May 23, 2008

Eat, Drink and Strawberry

Sarah and Shadi took me out for my birthday tonight!
(Yep, that makes me 107 now!)
We met at Cedar Creek and it was FABULOUS!
The waitress brought us a piece of strawberry cheesecake for my birthday dessert!
With my sweet friend, Shadi...
...and my dear friend, Sarah.
Love my friends

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...I almost forgot!

I ran into my darling friend Lisa at Target on Saturday!
Lisa is gifted writer, an avid baseball fan and a fellow blogger!!
Check her out HERE.

...and just coming alive!

This whole week I have been celebrating my birthday. Several times people have said to me, "So how old are you, 29?" or "So are you 21 again?"
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to answer, "No way, I AM FORTY FIVE!"

I am proud to tell my age! I am confident and comfortable and I celebrate every single year!
Most people (obligatorily of course) say, "You don't look 45!"
To which I respond, "Actually, THIS is what 45 looks like...and I'm pretty happy with it."

Live long! Celebrate every minute!
And be PROUD of your age!

PS This is the younger than you will ever be...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Isn't it ironic?

When I walked back to the purchasing area yesterday morning, "Endless Love" by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie was playing on the radio. I bet it's been five or six years since I've actually heard the song and it took a second for me to recognize it and hit me.
I started to sing it (very dramatically) for the shipping guys--laughing the whole time...

It's the song that was sung at my wedding.
Yeah, "Endless Love."

Irony at its best.
Don't ya think?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My friend Laura

...took me to dinner tonight for my birthday
(yeah I know, I should be 105 by now)
We shared buttermilk-fried calamari, seared ahi and chocolate bread pudding at Opah.
And, of course, a little bit of Chardonnay...
Laura has four children ranging from 2 to I truly treasure the time we can sneak away for a while.
So does she.

LOVE this!

blogging please!

They don't bug me!

This guy is a regular guest near my desk about once a week or so. Apparently it's a water bug of some sort and they live, obviously, near the ocean. I think they are GORGEOUS! I usually try to 'shoo' them outside before anyone sees them and freaks out. I would not kill it for anything...and I have picked them up (on a paper) to get them out safely. Today I got my camera out and took some great shots of him before I helped him on his way.
This top one is fabulous, isn't it?! He was loving the attention!

It's May 20th!

Here's to my good friend, Courtney!
To her great laughter, infectious humor and her amazing example of
living life to the fullest every day!
Nobody does it better that Courtney!!
Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Put another candle on your birthday cake...

Birthday fun...
GREAT gift from Gina and the boys and my folks!
Allison always brightens up the room! She gave me two new shirts which means I have two things that are actually in style now!
Number 92
Francisco...that's a fun name! And a GREAT guy!
Thatch and Logan (both in cool shirts!) and their gorgeous mom!
(Don't we totally look alike?)
My sweet friend, Dillon
Alli and Frannie sang a song in Swahili together!
Surprise Eyes to the max!
Dillon gave me 45 packs of Eclipse gum!

I woke up to text messages and emails and received phone calls all day from people wishing me a Happy Birthday! Talked to ALL of my sisters and both my kids!
A little sushi...a few more phone calls...a little blogging and we'll call it a day.
A Happy Birthday

Older and OH SO MUCH better...

With my best friends, Sonja and Kelly yesterday...
and 15 years ago today...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

From now til 90

Today is my last day of being 44 years old. I have a big day ahead--about 40 coming to my home for a graduation party for Zachary. I cooked and baked and cleaned--and listened to music and danced--all day yesterday...and I am ready to enjoy my house full of friends and family!
This morning I was thinking about what a rich, full life I have enjoyed over the last 45 years and I was wondering what the NEXT 45 years might bring! Though I have NO idea what's ahead for me, here's what I am planning to do...
  1. Face the future with a smile. One day at a time.
  2. Laugh more and (try to) keep a better perspective of things!
  3. Love on others. Always. Be a good listener. Be encouraging and positive.
  4. Be forgiving. And work on forgetting.
  5. Stay healthy, active and remain a size six. And figure out a way to work chocolate cake and vodka martinis into that equation.
  6. Find a fantastic man who wants to kiss me a lot!
  7. See the rest of the world. And Italy again.
  8. Sing every word to every song loud and strong! And DANCE!
  9. Be happy--full of JOY--and cherish every minute!
  10. Stay curious about the future!
I know there's good stuff up ahead.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The greatest thing ever invented

I always say that I don't really watch TV--only baseball. Truth is, there are a few things I DO watch, but I never 'run home' to watch a show--and I don't really follow any shows. OK, that's not even true anymore. Thanks to my fabulous daughter I am now INDEED hooked on TWO shows. They are both on at 9pm on Thursday night.
Thanks to TiVo, I just watched them both. Without commercials. Seriously, TiVo is on my list of the greatest inventions of all time.
It's up there with the iPod, the laptop and the cell phone. And wine.
I love Gray's Anatomy. I just watched Thursday's episode and cried. As usual. And, I love The Office--and I cried. NO--I laughed out loud! It's my Saturday night routine--catching up on 'my shows' and clearing out my TiVo. Woo Hoo!
Just for the record, I also record Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith. And the Dodgers' games.
But I don't really watch TV.

Mr. & Mrs. Moine

A beautiful setting...a spectacular evening...the happy couple...

Allison and Alanna as they got ready yesterday afternoon
Yeah! Surprise eyes!
...and my beautiful daughter!
The ceremony was just gorgeous!
Allison and her groomsmen!
So many good friends...Megan, Courtney and Cathi
and I have tried to get together for months...
it was such a treat to spend time together!
and Allison have been friends for YEARS! (He was an All STARS leader too!)
Such a JOY to meet Mary Rosenbaum
We have communicated through our blogs and really were excited to finally meet!
(Her blog is fabulous!)
is the best
with her daughter, Lea and hubby too
Allison looked absolutely STUNNING!
Jaime and Zack
(Jaime still owes me dinner from our Red Sox bet last fall!)
Alanna's beautiful mom, Chris!
(Couldn't she be Kate Hudson's sister?)
KING of the bloggers! Josh Griffin
(For the love of God, I must remember to close my mouth!)
Courtney and I toasted to many a good memory on Saddleback Staff!
Alan was on Children's Staff too!

and Allison--so cute!
One last wide mouth shot with the whole gang!
Ryanne is a blogger too!
Oh what a night! It was a bit of a reunion for all. So many people from Saddleback Staff and SO many blogging friends too!
(If they have a blog, you can click on their name above to get to it!)
We laughed and danced and ate yummy ice cream cookie sandwiches. We celebrated GREAT friendships along with the marriage of these two people, who are so incredibly full of life, laughter and love!
Congratulations Alanna and Jared--love you guys so much!