Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh what a night...

After an excellent day at work, I secured my Cure tickets for June, had a couple of LONG and incredibly enjoyable phone conversations and was home and in my jammies by 4pm! I relaxed and watched the Dodgers win 13-1 while delighting in a perfectly-heated up Lean Cuisine Egg roll and a Patron Silver Margarita. (Hey, my mom doesn't want me to drink Diet Coke anymore. She swears it not only causes cancer, it makes it GROW fast. So, I told her I would have to drink Tequila instead. She's good with that.)

Since the Dodgers are in Florida, the game was over by 7 which gave me plenty of time to prepare a chocolate-syrup soaked Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich and watch "No Reservations". Oh yeah--it's a Chick Flick--and guess what? Yep, I'm a CHICK! I loved it! It's cute and silly and sweet...and Aaron Eckhart is FREAKING sexy as hell!
I gotta say right here that TRULY one of the GREATEST parts of living alone is screaming "DAMN, HE'S GORGEOUS!" and MOANING during the kissing scenes (OH the neck kissing!)--while watching a movie! was a perfect night...

Happy Birthday Edna!

Edna Parker of Indiana turned 115 last week! Edna was born in 1893, which means she was 70 when I was born...heck, she was already 20 when MY GRANDMOTHER was born! Grover Cleveland was President of the United States. There were no cars or airplanes--not to mention EVERY SINGLE THING invented in the 20th century! Basically, Edna has seen a lot go down.
Edna's husband wasn't as lucky in life...she has been a widow since 1938, when Earl died of a heart attack at the age of 42. But living long does run in her family...her sister Georgia lived to be 99, while her sister Opal died at 88 (Slacker!)
Scientists say that almost every supercentenarian (someone who lives to be 100) has a mother, sister, or other family member who lived long. My own 94 year old grandmother has a sister who is 103! Apparently, supercentenarians like Edna have some sort of genetic mutations that slow the aging process, or help them resist age-related diseases. Scientists also say that the ability to manage stress is a big reason these people make it to 100. There's another reason to give yourself a break, and let go of whatever's bothering you today.
I think Edna looks great! Of course, when I am 115 (in 2078!) I'll still have long blond hair and bangs (at that point they'll help hide the age spots on the forehead.) Allison will be 96 by then. I'm sure she will have finally given up on me getting a new hair do.
I just keep thinking of Edna on the night the century changed to 2000--heck, she was only 104 back then!
She probably partied like it was 1899.

Line dancing

Every once in a while, one line of a song will suddenly jump out at me.
Even songs I have heard and sung a hundred times!
These lines are from songs I heard on the way to work this morning.
I could hardly wait to get home and share them with you.

I need your grace to remind me to find my own.

It's a beautiful day...don't let it get away.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dutch Baby...and a Swiss one too!

This morning I had the GREAT PLEASURE of having breakfast with
Sue and Lea!
We met at the Original Pancake House and it was delightful!
Lea is following in her father's musical footsteps!
(Her dad is the infamous TAFFY!)
She improvised a few songs on the spoons and then played drums with them!
And I had my FAVORITE breakfast in the world--the Dutch Baby!
My oh my oh my!
It is absolutely phenomenal! With a little help from Sue, we finished the whole thing off!
Sue, who is due with Baby Boy Taffalla in July, had the thin pancakes with strawberry jam!
I helped her with hers as well. (I'm just nice that way.)
...with princess Lea...(I wore my SWISS shirt just for Sue)
We took a few of these shots outside after breakfast.
Lea was looking at me like I was a little crazy...
And, I was wrong Sue. I was hungry within a few hours.
How in the world can that be??
When we left, the cashier asked if Sue was my daughter...
I told her it would be an absolute JOY to be Sue's mother--she is actually younger than Allison.
But, THAT would make me a GRANDMOTHER. Yikes!
I sure do love that Swiss baby tho...
And MAN, I love that Dutch one too!

Oops, I did it again...

I freaking locked myself out on the patio again!
I had the air on in the house while I was working out on the I closed the door and the #$%*!! stick fell and locked me out there AGAIN!
I do not expect you to feel sorry for me...I really should have learned the last time!
After 20 minutes of TRYING to get in, my neighbor walked by and I yelled down to him what had happened. He didn't really understand but came up through the garage and let me back in my house...
Teach a man to fish? Fool me once?
Whatever. I promise, it will not happen again.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Peaceful easy feeling

I have spent the last few days cleaning up my patio...
Before (Erik and Gina now have this table!)AFTER!
Love the new look...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mother and Child reunion...

Today, after work I attended the 50th anniversary of St. Catherine's School--where I attended first through eighth grade. St. Catherine's also happens to be across the street from Montage! My sister Gina, my mom and dad and our long-time friend Bill(y) Van Duyne met me there. And what a wonderful treat it was...My mom, Pat Hobbs, me, Billy and Gina.
Mrs. Hobbs was our school bus driver--FOREVER!
Of course, she was also the librarian. I think there were about 10 books in that library. I remember reading Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach about 10 times each. Oh, and ALL the Henry Huggins books too. Loved those.
Our mom was room mother, hamburger mom, and drove to every single field trip we had...from Japanese Village & Deer Park to Disneyland and Lion Country Safari...

Gina and long-lost friend, Mike in their first grade classroom!

The school is scheduled for demolition and complete re-building beginning in June.
We figured we needed a few pictures before it all becomes just a memory...
The lady in the middle is Sister Florence...the principal of St. Catherine's for TWENTY EIGHT YEARS! The other woman is Sister Mary. She was Leesa and Sarah's first grade teacher.
Sister Carol was my sixth grade math teacher.
She was SO happy that I remembered her!
Sister Florence said to Mike, "I remember giving you LOTS of detentions!"
Oh, Mike remembered it too...

From the archives...Billy on his confirmation day
My first communion picture.
I am third row from the top, first on the left.
Yeah, the one 'peering over' the other girl's crown.
My parents had a BLAST running into OTHER parents whose kids went to school with us!
The afternoon was filled with HILARIOUS memories. Of course, I could name every single person in my class, each teacher I ever had, as well as the gym teachers, the secretaries and the janitors.
Anyone else remember SRA?
So fun to reminisce and laugh about all the old times with people who have the same memories!
Love being so close to my family and to so many good friends.
Love being able to literally walk across the street and be right back in the JOY of how great all those years really were.
Loved this day...

Friday, April 25, 2008

I AM a girl...

I can't wait til a man does ALL these thing for me.
He is going to be SUCH a lucky guy...

Save it for your momma some people ENJOY having chaos, confusion and complications in their life? Do they actually DELIGHT in sadness and disorder and problems? And...bigger question...WHY on earth do they love to tell you all about it?
There seem to be so many folks with constant little 'rainclouds' over their heads... "Poor me." They hate their job, their in laws, their house, their life! Or, they 'keep dating jerks' or their kids are dating jerks or they were married to a jerk or a jerk left them in debt--the whole world is full of jerks...
oh dear Lord. ENOUGH!
What I truly can't stand how much they seem to RELISH in talking about it!
I cannot stand drama. I think it's ridiculous! I have had my share of issues and heartaches and problems in my life. Everybody does. EVERYBODY!
But I truly believe it's a choice to add the drama.
Please do the world a favor folks: when you talk about your life, make the decision to be drama-free. Give us the facts, tell us your story...we really do care! But don't blame others for your problems any more. Stop re-hashing, re-visting and re-living your past mistakes. (Believe me, I know there are consequences for bad decisions.) But it's over. Move forward.
Life already went on.
Get some perspective and take steps toward resolve. And smile.
Make the choice to have peace in your life and to be joyful and happy!

And for the love of God...stop whining!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm afraid I don't have an answer!

Today I filled out the application to be part of the Kenya Mission Trip. I had no problem answering the basic questions --mostly about when I became a Christian and my overall ministry experience. I had no trouble writing about how I deal with conflict and authority and I wrote a whole paragraph about what I believe to be my strengths.
But then one question 'got' me:

"What are your areas of difficulty or weakness?"

I watched that blinking cursor for 15 minutes...and thought and thought and thought.
I'm not afraid of anything. Nothing. (Though the picture above freaks me out.) I am strong and independent and can figure out how to do anything that needs to be done. Anything.
I kept thinking.
Area of difficulty? Staying away from Target?
Weakness? Baked goods?

Seriously, I could not think of a thing.
I left it blank.

...perhaps my only area of difficulty is admitting my weaknesses.

Blog Heaven!

4,000 things to blog about

26 years ago today

I can't figure out which is worse...
the groovy wallpaper or the flower child wreath on my head...
Aaah, memories.

It's April 24th

Happy 1/2 Birthday Allison!
Love you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The power of H

OK my family and (very close) friends...
You know we love these commercials!
Aah, yes...the power of H

Julie's List

My long-time plan was to buy myself a Porsche for my 45th birthday. But due to the current unfortunate state of the economy, I am reluctantly admitting that it's just not possible right now...maybe for my 46th.
Instead, I have decided to 'fix up' a few things at my house...starting with my balcony!
My (beautiful) patio table was left for me by the former owners, but it's always been just a bit too big for the space. It's 40" x 40"
I would love to GIVE it to you!
If you are interested...let me know.
I bought a cute little bistro set that will take its place very soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Girls...Flowers...Satisfaction

Such a GREAT day! Sonja and I met for breakfast (and yogurt!)
and then went to see "Shine A Light" at IMAX!
The movie is absolutely fabulous...incredible!
Had a wonderful surprise reunion visit with Rachel at Target!
And finished off the day meeting Heather for a delicious dinner...SO enjoyed our conversation and laughter! Heather returned the dress she had borrowed and brought me flowers as a thank you!
SUCH a great day...SO many beautiful people!
You can't always get what you want...but if you try sometime...
You just might get what you need.