1. He is SO nice to me!
2. He is so nice to EVERYONE!
3. He is very happy with coffee from Circle K
4. He drives a (paid for) five year old Toyota
5. He speaks baseball even better than I do
6. He has never once teased me or called me a name
7. He helps others feel good EVERY day
8. He loves his kids. He loves kids!
9. We were born in the same year and graduated high school together!
10. He’s an AVID reader
11. He likes to kiss me a lot
12. He has a memory like no other!
13. He cooks like a great chef...often!
14. He is extremely organized.
15. He loves his family!
16. He keeps himself in very good shape and is SO clean!
17. He loves me so much…I feel it every day
18. I love him so much...he still makes my heart beat every time I see him!
19. He loves to travel!
20. He does not like dogs!
21. He makes me laugh CONSTANTLY. And he thinks I'm funny!
22. He is amazingly affectionate.
23. He is HAPPY and loves life!
24. He tells me I am beautiful every single day.
25. We have the SAME ideas about the future. 
And we love that we get to live it together.