Monday, October 4, 2010

It ain't over til it's over...ok, it's over.

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.
~Rogers Hornsby

The fat lady finished her song a little bit earlier this year. Sure, there are a few more weeks of baseball left--maybe even close to a month if I’m really lucky, but, there will be no more Dodgers games in 2010. I hear her singing loud and clear. Make no mistake, it's over.
The last two years have been beautiful--winning records, first place standings, playoff games and the delightful taste of sweet victory. (Well, til those ph*cking Phillies games…)
This year, yeah, well, something was missing most of this year.
Sure, I went to Spring Training…Opening Day…10 or 12 games during the regular season and was OVERJOYED to attend, along with my Dad, my first All Star Game where we witnessed the rarest of the season's sites--a Jonathon Broxton save.
Alas, things turned sour not long after that. The Dodgers were losing games. And, let me tell you, they were not just LOSING, they were losing PAINFULLY! Getting great pitching from their starters and having it disintegrate with (non) relief pitching…or losing by one run, or not scoring a single run or going into the 9th with a seven run lead and STILL losing!! Yes…painfully losing, heartbreakingly losing--depressing even!! That Sunday afternoon Yankee game...I should have a dollar for every F word I used during the 9th inning that day--one for every Jonathon Broxton pitch I am sure! Damn, I hate losing!

I was in Florence, Italy last week when I got the news of the Dodgers inevitable elimination. And though I knew it was coming, my heart sank. There would be no playoff games, no more sweet and rewarding victories. Nothing really mattered any more…except playing spoiler to teams still in contention. That never really has turned me on.
Interestingly enough, I didn't stopped watching the Dodgers Games. I didn't stop reading the espn columns or the LA Times reports each morning. How could I? I’m no fair weather fan and I just love this game. Soon enough, the baseball section of the sports page will vanish...just as quickly as the Dodgers' 2010 season.
I had a little tear in my eye last night as Vinnie said goodbye to me (after a victory no less!) for the last time…for this year anyway. The long, cold, sports-less nights await me. (Please don't suggest's so boring, it's like watching the grass grow...)

The Dodgers' 2011 Schedule is posted and March is less than five months away. Spring Training and Opening Day are now something to look forward to...when we’re all back in first place and everything is full of hope and potential. Well, hope for sure.
Each year is the same, I can’t remember what I do all winter long…besides stare out the window and wait for Spring.
Pitchers and catchers report in 150 days.
Goodnight Vinnie.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life is good

Picnicking on the beach of the Mediterranean...

There's no place like Rome...

I'm home...and thanks to jet lag, I am posting pictures and blogging at 2:30 in the morning! Check Facebook for a few more photos!