Tuesday, November 6, 2007

One question I REALLY hate...

I can't stand it when I am at a restaurant and I order a Diet Coke...and the server says, "Is Diet Pepsi ok?"
I say, "Well, no, it is not ok...in fact it tastes terrible."
It reminds me of when my kids were little and they'd ask the waiter if they had Dr. Pepper...and the waiter would say,
"No, but we have root beer."


TS Harrison said...

Oh, even worse...

Me: Can I have a Dr. Pepper?
Waitress: Is Mr. Pibb okay?

Alli Hibb said...

Oh, I love Mr. Pibb...sorry!

But I HATE when they say "How about Root Beer?" That's definitely NOT the same!

The Last Boyscout said...

I wholeheartly agree, when we decide on restruants I have to count the costs of Pepsi over Diet Coke.

Heidi B said...

I guess I am very high maintenance when it comes to my soda consumption. I love ginger-ale but only Canada Dry and it has to be served cold with no ice. I also don't like when root beer is served with ice, but then again I rarely order root beer..if ever.
As for the main sodas here is where I stand:
Diet Dr. Pepper
Diet Pepsi
Diet Rite
7 Up

Regular Pepsi (too sweet)
Regular Dr. Pepper (again, too sweet)
Diet Coke (just something about the taste)
Diet 7 Up
Sprite (too syrupy)

But Jules you can avoid all of this hassle if you just order a beer...but then again that would open a whole can of worms about draft vs. bottled and regular vs. lite beers. :-(

Pete Di Lallo said...

I go along with you on the issue but I love regular and Diet Pepsi much better...I could take blindfolded tastes and always pick Pepsi...
so there!!!

Gina said...

It's official!! I am adopted!