Sunday, November 18, 2007

Green Grass

A friend of mine called to say that his wife had just filed for divorce. She reads my blog every day and he "mentioned" that I made the single life sound so good on my posts that he though that might be what made her want to be single! He said "You've made her think the grass is greener!"
I hope everyone knows that this blog is not me saying, "Hey! The single life is great--come join me." What I AM trying to say each day is, "Hey--LIFE is great--celebrate with me!"
I try hard to find something positive and fun to blog about every day and I try not to allow very much sadness to sneak in. I have always been that way--regardless of my circumstances--I always loved my life! But, apparently, I have made eating cheerios for dinner sound a little too attractive.
Of course there are down days! Sometimes I wonder what my purpose is or if I will ever be in love or if I will ever get into my size 4 jeans again! I have times when I am envious of people in good relationships, I constantly struggle with handling my money and sometimes I wish that my thighs didn't touch or my butt wasn't so big. Yep...But not very often.
And who the heck wants to read a blog about that?

98% of the time I AM happy and feel so blessed! I am grateful--every single day--for the abundance of deep friendships and love I have in my life! And I like to write about that! Happiness is NOT based on being single, married, engaged, divorced or any other status!
Lincoln said, "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." I made up my mind A LONG TIME AGO to just be happy! To find things to celebrate every day--like a good meal or a conversation with my son, a movie with a friend or even a productive trip to a brand new Target. Simple things. Little things. Daily things. So much to celebrate!
I certainly don't mean to encourage people to leave their spouse, I assure you of that! I just want to encourage people to look at life and see how good it is TODAY--right now. I want to say, "Don't wait--til you find the right person or are in the right house or to have enough money or weigh 120 pounds--to be happy!"
My life is no better than anyone else's--single or married! There are ups and downs and good days and bad days. I just focus on the good stuff and I certainly try to blog about something that will make YOU smile with me.
So, dear wife of my friend who called--and everyone else...the grass is greener where there is someone out rolling around and having fun on it!
I have grass stains all over me. And you can too.
Just start rolling in your OWN green grass and enjoy it! And then blog about how fun it is.


Amanda said...

YOU are amazing!! You are lovable and likable and have such passion about life. It truly is contagious and wonderful to read, and see! You make me excited about MY life.
And in response to your response to my shower're crazy! One hour before everyone else is 5am! I'd rather be dirty You're way more hard core than me!

Gina said...

Dear Friend of Julie,
The grass is greener, but its usually astroturf. It looks really nice, but once you get up close, it hurts to walk on.

'neice said...

I think what you speak of is joy rather than happiness. Meaning that you still find joy in life, even if you aren't happy because "happy" is so temporal. :)

Heather McTaggart said...

Wonderfully written and well versed in "happiness" That's what makes the moments, hours, and days seem so green for YOU! You have been blessed at looking at life as good, wonderful, and yes, greeen for you and we should celebrate that and join you in those moments, hours and days that you are blessed by where YOU are in life. Choosing happiness is a choice, choosing grief, dismay, and drama is a choice...running from "those" things that take a little work won't follows behind! You have made some choices with the cards that were dealt and the choices you made show success and work on your part, was it ALWAYS Green...doubt it! You have worked hard at it yet you also wait for your next big "thing" to happen just like so many others. Is that grass going to be full of weeds, green, or like Gina says...full of astrotruf and painful? NO one knows but running from what is good or takes work...won't "fix" it, you faced it head-on that's what makes this life a success for you! LOVE YOU TONS even if you eat cheerios for dinner and things with pumpkin! HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FRIEND!

Lauren said...!

Alli Hibb said...

You should try to get're good.

Pete Di Lallo said...

I was seriously going to comment WOW and you should get this published, but already commented...
but seriously, WOW and send this to newspapers and magazines ASAP...
if I knew how to spell Pulitzer I'd say is award winning...
nice work Jewels!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have been your muse for such a wonderful piece of inspiration and love. Sometimes one needs to get to that point of desperation like our friend George Baily (Its a Wonderful Life) and appreciate what one has before too late and tell ones spouse of this...often..
Hugs to you across the miles dear one. Signed, full of grass stains.

Steve Adams said...

If your friend really thinks that your blog convinced his wife to leave him, the lines of communication have been down for some time.