Friday, November 23, 2007

A(nother) visit with Nana

I went to visit my 94 year old grandmother today.
When she saw me walk in she said,
"Oh Julie--can you believe that the Angels traded Cabrera?!" She went on to congratulate me on getting Joe Torre to the Dodgers...
I swear she is the coolest 94 year old there is!
On another nursing home note, I was introduced to Gaby, one of the other ladies at the home. The sad part of this is that Gaby is actually a relative of ours--she has known me all my life, but I have to be introduced to her every time due to her advanced Alzheimer's.
On the UP side of this, every time I "meet" Gaby, she asks how old I am. This time I said, "How old do you think I am Gaby?"
She answered, "18?"
God bless Alzheimer's victims.

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