Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy New Home Javad!

My friend Javad has spent the last six months gutting and remodeling his home...Last night he prepared a FEAST for a few friends to mark the completion of all the work and celebrate the beauty and comforts of his new home.
Ahi tuna in wontons! (I lost count of how many of these I ate)
There used to be a wall here...the wood he tore out was burning in the fireplace!
Javad, Beverly, Matt and Sarah
(That is a platter full of GLORIOUS cheeses!)
A great group of friends prepared for the feast!
Matt and David
...both from Chicago--one Cubs fan, one White Sox fan!
Trisa, Beverly and Sarah
Javad had prepared food for days...and brought out delicious Persian delights one after the other...spinach stuffed pastries, eggplant dishes, lamb-stuffed grape leaves, a vat of steamed rice with just kept coming! Dessert was a chocolate cup with Grand Marnier-soaked berries and whip cream...EVERYTHING was delicious and the night was SO much fun! Congratulations and BIG THANKS to Javad for a heart warming housewarming party!

1 comment:

Pete Di Lallo said...

Last night...
we had no pastries
no eggplant
no lamb
no dessert...
I hate pastries, eggplant, lamb and fancy desserts...

at a quaint nearby restaurant we chose mashed potatoes and gravey,
locally grown turkey stuffed in between to pieces of fresh white bread, standard stuffing, cranberries and a
salad with blue cheese made in Europe no doubt...

a chocolate cup with Grand Marnier-soaked berries and whippped cream sounds sickening...