Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My sister Gina

Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying my old pictures? I love the first shot--probably taken in 1967 or so. Yes, this must have been the beginning of my 40 years of bangs...but seriously, what is on top of Gina's head?
The second picture was probably around 1979...taken at "Varsity" ice cream store and arcade. Gina was really good at Centipede. I just liked the ice cream.
And, of course, the recent shot...I love my sister Gina. She doesn't cry every day, and she doesn't really like baseball (she calls all teams the "Michigan Mariners") or anything pumpkin flavored... but she totally gets me...and that's way better.

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Gina said...

What is that on top of my head is right! AND, the headband you have on your head is the same as the ones I use to wash my face. We were so cute. I'm in my 40th year of not having bangs. Maybe I should get some. Thanks for the nice blog and the nice things you said about me. And, I ROCK at Centipede and Galaga still.