Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

5 things I am grateful for today
  1. My spectacular children (whom I will see today!)
  2. My wonderful parents, sisters, nieces and nephews (some of whom I will see today!)
  3. My fantastic job and the terrific people I work with. I am so grateful to be healthy enough to have a job where I run around all day!
  4. My marvelous and unbelievably beautiful home! I am SO thankful for a home that allows me to bring in extra tables and have a large group of friends and family here! (I'm thankful too that I did not fall down my stairs lugging tables last night!)
  5. YOU! Yes, I am grateful for you! You are my long time friends, my new friends, my extended family and even "blog friends" whom I've never met in person! You are all part of the amazing JOY I have in life and I am thankful for you each day!
Trying to find gratefulness in your life? I think there are a couple of keys. First thing, you have to let go of the past. Whether "the past" is last week, last month, last year or 20 years ago. Let it go and look ahead. Then, live each day as if it is a brand new start and find things to celebrate every single day...
And, above all--be forgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving

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Gina said...

I am thankful that you were up at 7:24 am blogging. I am thankful for you too!!!