Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hairdresser on Fire

I have ALWAYS believed this. Always. I have kept myself busy, working, running errands, cleaning, etc, etc, etc for, well, for 50 years. I have to slow down. It's starting to affect my health. I had a doctor tell me yesterday that it's imperative. 
And you're just so busy
Busy, busy
Busy scissor

Could this be true? It's not that I'm focused on the bad...just focused on what still needs to be done. Whether at work or at home, I see what needs to be worked on, fixed, cleaned, organized. I'm admitting, it's taken its toll. 
 Yes, I think this is funny. How can I start to see it as true? That I'm smart and that the weight is not a HUGE issue? How can I slow down? I'm truly asking, because I have no idea. Honestly...I cannot ever seem to find the time to sit down. Yes, I feel guilty. Why? I can't tell you why. But I do.
THIS needs to be my focus over the next year...and years to come. HAS to be. I put so much pressure on myself to do a good job in all aspects of life...it's almost as if I cannot enjoy anything unless I am being productive and have something to show you when I'm done.

Heading to the shower, and then to work...and then...always a list.
Time to figure out why. More importantly, time to figure out how to let a few things go.
My health depends on it.
(And can you even imagine how I'd be if I couldn't do all of this?!) 

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