Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wanna have a catch

At lunch yesterday, I explained to a friend that, after nearly three years of dating (sounds like a lot more dating than it's actually been, I assure you) I almost have it figured out. There are three significant loves in my life...and if they are significant to my date as well, then perhaps there is a chance that we may become significant to each other! There are three simple questions, and in the answers to the questions lie the possibility...well, lie many possibilities.

#1. Do you like baseball? The usual answers:
A. "No, it's boring, dull, I like football, ping pong, etc."
B. "It's ok, I don't really follow it, but I don't mind going to a game."
C. "Are you kidding? I love it!! "
I will spare you the story of the man who told me he visited his daughter in Boston and that she took him to Wrigley Field. Yeah. I told him it was a shame she didn't take him to Fenway, being in Boston and all...Painful. And bu-bye.
I need to have someone who is stoked to hear that I met Greg Maddux and Ned Colletti. And someone who can tell you where he was when Gibson hit the homerun. Yeah.
It is my love language and it turns me on more than just about anything else…
Music is a close second, so the next question is...

#2.What was the first concert you ever went to? Usual answers:

A. "I don't remember." (Ugh!)

B. "I think it might have been Garth Brooks." (I know this is cruel, but if there is even a possibility that you might have attended a Garth Brooks concert...yeah...sorry.)

C. If he says,(without pause) “The Police-February 1982--at the Forum"

Of course, that’s the answer. You like music, you like concerts, you value memories, and you'll appreciate the fact that I have seen the Police about a dozen times...and, well, it means you probably like Sting too. (Note: it does not have to be the Police or Sting...but it's AWESOME if it is!) Also, I have been to six or eight concerts this year. LOVE that...hopefully he does too.

#3. Have you been to Europe?

I am no snob, and I did not see Europe myself until I was 40, but I dreamed of it my whole life. I have been three times now and I can't wait to go again. Usual answers:

A. "Nope…never had the desire." (Seriously, a guy said those exact words to me.)

B. "Never been, but I' d love to go!!" (Good followup is, "I have been to Australia, China, etc...)

C. "I LOVE Europe, I ate my way through Italy!" (Yep, that's the answer...especially if he loves Italy...and eating.)

Easy questions. And, GREAT conversation starters regardless of the answers! I have to admit, sometimes he'll answer them all brilliantly, yet he just won't ask me out again. (Yeah, it took me a while, but I'm even getting the hang of THAT now.) One thing for sure, I am never again dragging a man to a baseball game, to a concert or across Europe. But I'm sure as heck not waiting for a man to do any of them either!

Of course the best answer of all is:

"Wow, this is amazing Julie Hibbard...I traveled Europe extensively for years on a traveling baseball league! Boy did we listen to some great music on those bus rides!"

That’s all I’m asking for…


TS Harrison said...

1. Of course. Heaven is my Field of Dreams. And the Gibson homer - watching from my home in South Dakota.
2. Rich Mullins, 1987. At least the first I cared enough to remember. He sang a little song that was coming out on his new album called "Awesome God".
3. Lived there for 3 years. I chipped away at the Berlin Wall. I got lost in Paris. I climbed around the Swiss Alps.

But hang in there. I'm sure that there is someone out there for you.

Anonymous said...

1: Of Course, check out my blog for my own memories of the Depression I felt when I learned at the age of 8 that there were no left handed major league Short Stops.
2: Cal Jam 2, starring Ted Nugent, Heart, Aerosmith, can't remember the rest
3: Ich liebe Europa

-The Week said...

1) I was into it when I was younger then stopped going to games. Got an awesome collection of cards. Rickey Henderson is my all-time favorite. I could get back into it with help from the Jedi Master like yourself. Never had a team to follow though.

2) James Taylor 1996 at the ripe age of 15.

3) By the time I retire I will be ready to see Europe by the second or third time.

Do I pass?