Wednesday, November 19, 2008

...and a half.

Today is my 1/2 birthday. I have always celebrated the day by remembering where I was 6 months ago (having sushi with Allison, Gina, the boys, Dillon, Francisco and my parents) and then imagining where I will be 6 months from today--May 19, 2009.

Just so you know, the Dodgers play the Mets at home that night--I sure wouldn't mind being there.

And, can someone please make this cake for me?

There's still only one alternative to getting older ya know...


Gina said...

I will totally make that cake for your birthday. Super easy. Happy 1/2 birthday!!! I wonder what mom will buy you??????????

Eliane said...

Happy 1/2 birthday!!!

Sarah said...

That is a cool cake! I made a round baseball for Bud's first birthday, but nothing compared to that!! Happy half.