Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Teach your children well...

Through the amazingness of Facebook, I reconnected with my long-lost friend, Mrs. Sargent. Yep, she was both of my kids' teacher for 5th and 6th grade, so that's how I have always known her! (She actually insisted that I call her Marcia now--it just feels so wrong!)
We had lunch out on the patio of Sapphire Restaurant, which has a stunning view of the ocean in Laguna Beach, and we talked til almost sunset! (Oh yeah--it was a spectacular 78 degrees in Laguna Beach today!) Mrs. Sargent...I mean a writer now! And, she is encouraging me to become one too.
(Hmmm...what would I write about??)
After my extended lunch, I met my family for dinner...
guess who's in town?!
Little Elijah is SO adorable!! (My dad is too, huh?)So fun to spend time with Sunny and Thatcher
And my baby sister Sarah. I was almost 13 when Sarah was born and she was just 6 when Allison came along. I remember I made Sarah a shirt that said, "I'm the little aunt."

Sweet Logan
Seriously, Elijah never stopped smiling...
unless we were trying to get a picture.
Sarah, Tony and the kids will be here through Thanksgiving weekend.
We're grateful!


Eliane said...

How cute! must be so nice to have them in town...have fun!!!

Kelly said...

OMG....That baby is absolutely gorgeous....(and your dad's not bad either)!!!

PETE Di LALLO said...

you've always been my favorite friend of Julie!!!!!!

PETE Di LALLO said...

I am soooooo surprised Courtney hasn't commented yet!!!!

Gina said...

I look like Ellen in that jacket.