Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peace and Quiet...it makes cents

Like everyone else in the world right now, I am trying very hard to save money. Well, better put, I am trying like hell to not spend it. It's actually become an interesting game--literally a "how many more ways can I come up with to NOT spend money?" game.
And I'm getting better at it every day...Here's what I've come up with so far:
First off, I canceled my cable. Let's face it folks, baseball season is over. There is nothing left on TV that I watch. Gray's Anatomy you say? I am buying each episode on iTunes. WAY cheaper than the cable bill...I was ending up with a 20 year old Cosby re-run or a 50 year old Leave it to Beaver episode playing in the background while I worked on things in my home. Why? Kinda silly. And it's so much quieter now. (I miss you Vin Scully!)
Secondly, I canceled my home phone. Please! I never used that phone or the phone number! I was forgetting to pick up the messages AND the phone rang incessantly with sales calls. No need to spend that money for sure. Anyone who wants to get a hold of me calls my cell. (Better yet--TEXT ME!) I just upgraded to $99/month unlimited everything. And, I leave it on vibrate. No phones ringing at all.
Thirdly, I am cutting WAY back on eating out. I am limiting it to one time a week--period! I have been having friends to my HOME for dinner. A 99cent bag of pasta, a $2 jar of sauce, a loaf of bread and a $6 bottle of wine--VOILA! dinner for two (or four!) for less than 10 bucks. Try that at a restaurant! I usually ask my guests to bring a dessert...which they are always happy to do! PLUS--it's so much calmer in my home--no one singing, "Happy Birthday from the cheesecake", no kids crying--and we can sit as long as we want after dinner and just talk. And drink.
I also canceled my LA Times. I was only getting Sunday's paper anyway and, really, just for the Sports Page and the Target ad. No more interesting sports in there for me (I get on the Dodgers and ESPN websites daily anyway) and, well, I am trying to stay FAR away from Target! Right?
In the last month, I have been able to pay off my Discover and have cut up the card. The American Express balance will be erased by year end and I will only have my (ridiculously high and impossible to re-finance) mortgage payment left. I can handle that.
Cause I really like it here. Friends and family will fill the place throughout the next few weeks.
And tonight, I am drinking in the quiet and the calm.
I do believe that having no debt is a natural sleep aid.
Sleep well.

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Marcia J Sargent said...

Okay--so when I come to dinner I will bring the dessert--and the wine. I have a wine fridge full of wine to drink with people I like. $6 a bottle? Life is too short to let friends drink bad wine : )