Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the Future

This morning, like every morning, I went to check my Yahoo horoscope. I read it every morning, on my way to my email-- just a couple of lines that I never really take it too seriously. It's just a fun way to start the day. This is what I found today...
I was not sure what was happening. I tried a couple of things and it always came back to December 31, 1969. I thought maybe I was in the Twilight Zone and I woke up in 1969! Was this a sign? What happened on that day? Heck, I was only six years old. I wasn't checking my horoscope then, and certainly wasn't reading it online...on my laptop...with my BlackBerry in my hand. Nope, back then things were totally different!! I wasn't thinking about declining property values or the plummeting stock market, that's for sure. I wasn't focused on my mortgage payments or my daughter living in Africa or my son looking for a job at the worst time in history. And I certainly wasn't worried about crows feet and celulite and grey hair!
Man, life was totally easier then!!!

OK, I just checked back and everything is back to is November 30, 2008 and Yahoo astrology is back in working order.
Interesting thing horoscope said to laugh more and worry less today. And to try not take life so seriously.
In other words, pretend I'm six years old.


Nancy Ramos said...

That is funny. I was 1 day old on December 31, 1969.

Anonymous said...

In my scrapbook I have a detention I got in high school that Sister Mary Rose dated Nov. 10, 1963. I was 5 months old on that day.