Sunday, November 16, 2008

STILL the best medicine!

Last night I went to a fabulous dinner party with some friends in Laguna Beach. The host has his own catering company and the food was absolutely spectacular, to say the least!! Lamb chops with raspberry chipotle sauce, brie and bleu cheese and pate and cheese rolls and macaroon meringue cookies and Bailey's caramel chocolate cake...honestly, along with a few glasses of wine--and AMAZING company--it was one of the best experiences in recent memory!
After dinner we all went over to the Festival of Arts grounds for the annual "Lagunatics" production...HILARIOUS! Songs and skits performed about the happenings of Laguna Beach and its culture and people. Songs like "Blue Tooth" sung to the tune of "Blue Moon" poking fun at all of us with our phones in our ears these days. And, "Diarrhea" sung--and danced--to the "Mama Mia" tune--reporting on the too-frequent sewage spills in our town. (Yes, our town...I consider myself a Laguna local for sure. I went to elementary school for 8 years in Laguna and I frequent it's shops and restaurants and beaches and Pageants as I have my whole life. Oh yeah...and now I work in Laguna!) My face still hurts from laughing so hard!
After my 'less-than-happy' last couple of weeks, this night of delicious food, tremendous laughter and incredible friendship...was just what the doctor ordered.
PS I woke up at 9am today...which is literally the latest I have slept since 1981. Yeah!

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