Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baseball Cards

The 'out of the park' Christmas cards I found at TJ Maxx today!!!


Eliane said...

No way! This is fantastic.
You went to TJMAXX again. I am so proud of you. Was Francisco there? Oh! I wish I would have been with you. This is really the find of the year !!!!
You must stay curious and go there often.. you never know.

Anonymous said...

HEY!! I've still got my tatterred Dodgers Program from April 30, 1977, Ron Cey set the then record for most RBIs or HRs(not sure, I'm not THAT big of a loser)in April, I'm sure its been eclipsed countless times by the Steroid Freaks. No one ever accused the "Penguin" of bein on the Juice!!. Even kept score for the first 1/2 inning till my ADD kicked in.

Ange said...

Oh these are so perfect for you! And if you didn't find these you could have always taken one of your pics of you and the Dodgers and used that as your Christmas card.

"Merry Christmas, from Julie and the Dodgers"