Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sing with me..."Working in LA...working in LA...Nobody works in LA!"
Claudia and I are working up at in Beverly Hills!
How official are we?!
With our "MLB" friends, Bruce and Zach
So...we decided we needed some champagne...
Let me just tell you...if I am in bed with my laptop and my Blackberry (and a glass of champagne) I am a very happy woman (oh, and notice the cheese plate too please!)
One more glass--then on our way out to dinner!


Anonymous said...

Ok...count me in on the champagne and cheese plate! ALL OVER THAT!

Christine said...

That was me, Christine Millbern. Oops! I am a total champagne girl :)

Josh(ua) Treece said...

Hmm... OK Julie. You go tme. I'll come and meet your friend Claudia. That was pretty slick what you did there...

Eliane said...

I know how much you love to open champagne bottle.