Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home Alone

I woke up this morning and--since I'm off today--just laid in bed for a while. And thought about being alone. About waking up alone and going to bed after day after day. Thankfully, this is my only day off this week. I do much better having to get up and out--and I LOVE being at work.
I laid there a little longer and thought kind of sadly, "I'm living alone." And suddenly, I turned into Kevin Mc Allister and I said happily, with a great big smile, "I'm living alone!"
I thought, "I can lay here all day if I want to, and NO ONE will say, 'Aren't you getting up today?' No one NEEDS me to get up! I don't have to do anything today if I don't want to!" I stayed there, snuggled in my big down comforter for another hour or so, drinking in the silence. It was delicious!
I finally got up, put on my sweats and my big wool socks (because I live alone and no one cares) and went out to make coffee. I was starving, but after perusing the breakfast selections in my fridge, decided to have a Lean Cuisine Pizza instead. Why? BECAUSE I CAN!
As I sat down to eat it I said out loud, "A lovely cheese pizza, just for me!" I thought of YOU, Allison!
Like Kevin says, after realizing how nice it actually is, "I'm living alone! I'm not afraid anymore!"
Of course I have a load in the washer, one in the dryer and the dishwasher is running. "Will & Grace" (and Jack & Karen) are providing a hilarious soundtrack to this lazy, yet somewhat productive Sunday morning. God knows I can only do nothing for so long. But I am sitting down, feet up, laptop in place, smiling and appreciating the fact (maybe for the first time??) that I don't have to do anything.
I think I'll have a bowl of ice cream--with Hershey's syrup! I know, it's only 10am, but why not?
You hear that? I'm eating junk and watching rubbish!!
When I grow up and get married...I'm living alone.
I'm not afraid anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I love that movie and love that you love being alone. For now. There will come a day when even THAT will be over. You know it will. And then, well, you won't be alone and you'll stay in bed for other reasons!
(I want to write, "look what you did you little jerk!" but it doesn't fit anywhere.)
You are loved Julie Hibbard. There is nothing to be afraid of.