Sunday, November 9, 2008

And that laugh wrinkles your nose...

Someday, when I’m awfully low, and the world is cold…I will feel aglow just thinking of you…and the way you look tonight.
I am going through a little bit of a "funk" in life these days. It's basically an uncertainty of direction, confusion about my future and maybe just a bit of lost hope. (And, no doubt, the long cold nights without baseball.) But as I looked for a picture of my grandparents last night, I came across all of these HAPPY photos. Pictures of me--SMILING--with people I love!
I think that's what Frank's song is about...I AM feeling a little low and the world is a little cold right now---but I DO feel aglow just thinking of my GREAT friends and family…
and the way we look in these photos!


Anonymous said...

You are SO cute and SO full of life and SO fun and SO friendly! I love reading your blog. You love baseball and beer and life!
The man of YOUR dreams is on his way to you! And he will have a smile on his face for the rest of his life! Can't wait to READ all about him in your blog.
Don't settle. He is out there and is full of life and is as fun and friendly as you.
And he loves baseball too.
Oh he's out there. Maybe closer than you think.

-The Week said...

Nothing says I am happy like a picture with a bunch of bellmen. How could you not include one of those?