Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let's give 'em something to blog about...

OK gang...I have heard enough! People complaining that they no longer have anything to blog about or just can't think of anything to write about anymore! Today, while getting my oil changed (15 minutes) I made a quick list of topics that might possibly help ease your blogger's block and get the blood flowing back to the blogging side of your brain again! Start with any of the thoughts below and then tell how, when, what it reminds you of, the memories it brings back, what it feels like, smells like, etc. I know it's in you or you wouldn't have started a blog to begin with...Looking forward to reading you again...
  1. I wish I knew how to...
  2. My favorite cartoon/comic is...
  3. The BEST breakfast cereal/pop tart/soup/ice cream flavor is...
  4. Things I wish they would have taught me in school
  5. My favorite smell/aroma
  6. The best meal of my life
  7. Are magazines going to be obsolete?
  8. Something I love to do, but am not very good at...and vice versa.
  9. If I could change one thing in my past...
  10. The joy of free samples
  11. Why God made bugs/rats/cellulite
  12. My dream car
  13. All the cars I've owned/driven
  14. If I could be anyone in the world
  15. If I could meet anyone in the world
  16. The worst song ever
  17. My first concert (without my parents)
  18. What I really think of the electric slide
  19. Foods that make me puke
  20. What I always wanted to be when I grow up
  21. saving money
  22. My brothers/sisters/family/neighbors/friend/cat/dog
  23. The best video game ever
  24. First thing I ever bought/sold on Ebay
  25. I wouldn't eat a ______ if my life depended on it
  26. Best/worst smelling lotion/perfume
  27. Favorite poet/author/artist
  28. Last time I painted something
  29. Best gift I ever GAVE
  30. What I am thankful/grateful/hopeful for
  31. The trophies/prizes/awards I have won
  32. My favorite wine/beer experience
  33. How I'd make the world a better place
  34. Where I'd START touring the world...
  35. If I could host a party with any 8 people in the world...
  36. What I will name my next dog/cat/child/bird/reptile
  37. Skiing black diamond slopes
  38. Learning to cook meatballs or bake an apple pie
  39. I felt most guilty when I...
  40. Here's pictures of my garden, house, kids, golf clubs, car, most expensive pair of shoes
  41. My tattoo parlor experience (I gotta write about this one some day!)
  42. Falling in Love (I wanna write about this one some day!)
  43. The time I felt most appreciated
  44. Movies that make me cry/laugh/gag
  45. Trusting God
  46. Songs that bring back memories
  47. My senior prom/graduation/class reunion
  48. Write a poem about love/life/cheese/bugs
  49. Books I wish I had read
  50. Why I love Julie Hibbard
  51. People who I should call/write/delete from my cell phone
  52. a time I felt weak/strong/inferior/superior
  53. taking care of a baby
  54. things I do but I am not sure why
  55. foods I hate, but haven't ever really tried
  56. Best art gallery ever
  57. My favorite play/musical
  58. The songs I could listen to over and over
  59. What my friends like about me
  60. A ride on the subway in NY or the tube in London
  61. Taking a helicopter ride
  62. Learning to surf/play tennis/play the piano/read music
  63. My favorite "hip" saying
  64. Something that it's time to confess
  65. Someone I wish I'd said I love you to
  66. Going to the world's largest ball of twine/other national monument
  67. the best dessert I ever had
  68. Having breakfast in bed
  69. how I feel about lawyers/politicians/city officials
  70. How I lost/gained 10 pounds
  71. How I met the love of my life
  72. How I made it through a rough season of life
  73. Something I wish I had more than anything else
  74. My most embarrassing moment
  75. Where I want to be one year from today
If none of these turns you on, call me...I could blog all day and night. My brain never stops.


Alli Hibb said...

So funny...write a book if your mind never quits.

Sarah said...

My brain used to never stop...then I had two kids under 2 1/2 and now my brain often can't get started! THanks for the ideas!

Heather McTaggart said...

I promise to catch up in a day or two when I get MY computer needed a doctors appt :(
I promise to actually blog back soon!

PS. I am working the "Singles Dance" on Friday night...should be LOTS of blog worthy things to go over, men in polyester suits (green), 220lb women with their bellies hanging out...just to start a few highlights from LAST YEAR!

Eliane said...

You are the best! Thanks for the list. My problem is not ideas is time.

PETE Di LALLO said...

you've given me hope, faith and charitable blog ideas...
It's worth dinner at Lucille's...just say when...

Heidi said...

AWESOME. I will come to this list if I ever need ideas. My problem is never needing ideas, just time to blog about what's in my head.