Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bud, Blood, and a whole lotta love...

Yesterday at work, I attended Beer School. Yep, reason # 900 that I love my job...mandatory wine tastings, appetizer testing and now, Beer School. (Yes, I passed and am thinking about going for my Masters.) The class was incredibly enjoyable and actually quite interesting! The picture above is of the beer we tasted, along with hops and barley. The bottle on the right is "wort", the product produced before it becomes alcoholic--tasted like liquid Grape Nuts. But the BEST part of the class was tasting a beer that was brewed on Thursday of this week! The "born on date" is Jan 31, 08. This was the best and most flavorful beer I have ever tasted (and I've tasted a few beers in my time!) The other beer was just three weeks old, but what a difference in flavor. Besides watching for this date when you purchase beer, the next most important thing to do is always keep it cold! Beer should never be stored at more than 70 degrees-never! And, after 180 days--even in your fridge--it will no longer taste as good as it should. There was so much more I learned in the class...let me know when you want to join me for a beer--I would love to share this new and valuable knowledge with you!
Friday was also Blood Drive Day at Montage! Every six weeks I look forward to signing up for this and saving six lives! If you haven't ever given blood--I would encourage you to look into it! It doesn't hurt at all and it actually makes you feel really good! And I LOVE to be reminded that my blood is B POSITIVE! What else?

As a capper to a great day, I met my sweet friend, Annie, for dinner at Chili's. We had SUCH a good time and (after a giant blue margarita) had amazing conversations about seeing the world, enjoying each minute and the idea of finding the love of our life. We concluded that we will continue to live happily ever after, every single day and that if the man of each of our dreams DOES indeed show up...then he will be able to join up with us in our travels and enjoyment. LOVE this thought. LOVE this girl.
LOVE this life.


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