Friday, February 8, 2008

Allison's post today made me contemplate what my next tattoo might be. I was thinking maybe my favorite verse--Psalm 37:4. There was a time when I was writing this verse on everything--I even had it written on the wall in my apartment. It's a bit of a long verse for a tattoo (tho, believe me, I don't lack for tattoo-able space) And it is an amazing promise.
Maybe just
Psalm 37 4
It'll be the perfect reminder


Eliane said...

Would you really get another tattoo?

Julie Hibbard said...

Of course this time it will be a lot smaller, much less colorful and in a very discreet location. It will be done with more consciousness, much more meaning and with a whole lot less rebellion involved.
I actually like my tattoo more and more each day. It just took three years to realize how beautiful it really is.