Saturday, February 9, 2008

Computer Camaraderie

One of the added benefits and truly enjoyable aspects of blogging has been meeting new people...albeit virtually.
TS Harrison is a Youth Pastor in Texas who is also an incredibly gifted blogger...I mean writer. I believe he found Allison's blog through Josh Griffin's blog and eventually stumbled upon mine. I subscribe to his blog through my Google Reader list and look forward to reading him daily.
I was SO excited to see that TS not only mentioned me in his post last night, but gave some TERRIFIC answers to a few of the 'blogging' questions I suggested earlier in the week.
To the question of "What is your favorite scent/aroma?" TS answered, "The smell of Opening Day at the Baseball Game." Amen Brother.
Check it out more of TS Harrison's enlightening answers HERE


TS Harrison said...

Just to ensure proper props, I found you through Allison.
Allison through Josh Treece.
Josh Treece through Marko.
However, I do read Griffin's blog as well.

Terrace Crawford said...

Jules, I just found your blog via Josh Treece, a friend of mine from college. He highly respects you and his latest post is paying a sort of homage to you.

I agree with you, blogging has TOTALLY expanded my world and I've met some new friends that I'm pretty excited about.