Sunday, December 23, 2007

Where I live

Last night I realized something very odd: on my way home from the movies in Foothill Ranch, I literally drove past six of the nine homes I have lived in. I also drove past my parents' house and was within five miles of the other three houses I have called home!
I also realized that I have never lived more than 5 miles from El Toro Road and that ALL the places I have ever called home are within a 12 mile radius.
To add to the "small world" realization, I went to elementary school (1st through 8th grade) at St. Catherine's in Laguna Beach. Do you know where that is located? Across the street from Montage.
I am not sure what this all means--probably nothing really--
I just thought it was really interesting.


Heather McTaggart said...

You are right...interesting! Great observation though!

Alli Hibb said...

I think this means you need to move away for a bit...