Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

After working the brunch at Montage, I headed straight over to my parents' house for the DiLallo Family Christmas Celebration! We had "Breakfast for Dinner" including diced ham and scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and many cartons of croissants with jelly!
It was a smaller gathering than we are used to, but it was somehow just as enjoyable as ever!
We chose names this year--and I had my dad...I gave him a basket filled with all his favorite goodies (YES, that is a Costco-sized bottle of Vodka)
Nana was able to join us for the festivities. It is the first Christmas without my Grandpa and we definitely missed his humor all night long.
Mom and Nana with the four oldest grandkids.
There are four other grandkids--two in San Mateo and two in Hawaii.
Allison had Logan...and got him this very cool sweatshirt...he loves it!
Ironically, my dad had me...and he gave me this Chatty Cathy doll! I had blogged about the doll several months ago and he went on a hunt for it! We actually had a blast with Chatty Cathy tonight. The first thing that came out of her mouth when I pulled the string was, "It's fun to get pregnant"...Allison said, "Oh mom--that's a perfect doll for you!"
(She is actually saying, "It's fun to get presents..." but that's not as funny.)
Mom got Gina the Giraffes she had wanted!
The DiLallo/Hibbard/Vistaunet gang
It was definitely one of the more relaxing and enjoyable Christmas nights that I can remember. We finished dinner and opened the gifts and then watched a few of the old videos from Christmas past...
I have said it a few times over the last couple of weeks--but it bears repeating:
I really have a wonderful life.


Alli Hibb said...

We took 16 of that first picture and you have to use the one when my mouth is full and I'm not really smiling?

It was a fun day...send me the photos!

Brian Forsberg said...

Breakfast for dinner is probably one of my most FAVORITE meal treats. Glad you has a wonderful Christmas!

PETE Di LALLO said...

It really was wonderful even with half the grandkids not there...phones are a great invention!
breakfast for dinner was good and different...Mom spent the day cooking and getting food and desserts ready and I did all I could do to help, like making 5 or 6 trash runs, getting the fireplace ready, wrapping a few last minute gifts, having a Bloody Mary with Mom, setting up the bar with celery, glasses, napkins and stuff...even though only Gina and I had a little alcohol the bar is ready if my golfing guys ever pay us a visit...
your photography is always great and was fun looking at old videos of past Christmases...
Even Anthony's dog was OK...all night I didn't see him walk the dog outside and asked if she had to go after sitting there for three hours...he said not to worry because she went before they left his house!!in Riverside?...
If this was a blog and not a comment I'd call it "Looking for Wetspots"!

Heather McTaggart said...

Pete...FUNNY STUFF! You make crack me up! Sure you don't want MY sounds like you LOVE them as much as ME!