Sunday, December 9, 2007

John Mayer Concert

Allison and I went to an incredible concert last night
The opening act was "John Mayer Acoustic" followed by the "John Mayer Trio" and finished off (at 11:30!) by "John Mayer and his band"...absolutely fabulous!

Our seats were in the top level, but the view perfect and the sound magnificent! We sang each song and I was thrilled to be singing along with John for the very first time (Allison thinks it was her seventh or eighth time seeing him!) The concert was sold out and each person in the packed audience was in awe of John's unbelievable guitar playing and highly entertaining show.
A couple of songs into the third act (actually during, "Why Georgia, Why?") a man came up to us and asked if we wanted to move down to the orchestra level. Allison and I were confused, but we quickly said yes and followed the man down THREE LEVELS to row Q on the floor of the venue! The bottom photo is where we sat (stood and danced and sang!) for the remainder of the show!!! I did, indeed, have tears in my eyes as I felt one of those "there is no where I'd rather be" moments--belting out "Gravity"with our friend, and my beautiful, smiling, happy daughter...
Gosh, the heart of life is GOOD!