Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Robert has a twin!

This is Robert the beverage guy and one of my best friends at Montage. Every single morning Robert says, "Good Morning Beautiful!" to me. (Nope, it never gets old.) Robert and I catch each other at lunch a couple of times a week and talk about our declining property values, or music or...baseball! Robert knows baseball better than I do and follows it all year long too! Robert is friendly, happy, funny and...oh...yeah, he's very happily married.
I told him the other day that I thought he was the perfect man and asked him if he had a twin.
He said, "Matter of fact, I do have a twin!"
Surprised, I said, "Wow, is he married?"
Robert said, "Well, actually...it's a twin sister."

To that I said, "Does she like baseball?"
I crack myself up.


PETE Di LALLO said...

You are the coolest!

Courtney said...

HAAAAAAAA!!! I think the question should have been does she like...softball.