Sunday, December 30, 2007

My favorite song of all time*

While I was working around the house today MY FAVORITE SONG came on. This song makes me sing, makes me dance, makes me OH SO happy. It reminds me of my folks taking me and Gina to see him in concert in first concert ever--at the Forum. It reminds me of dancing with Mike Mc Caffrey at my 13th birthday party. It reminds me of seeing him at the OC Fair just a few years ago. He looked a little different, but sounded exactly the same--brilliant!
Seriously, Frampton Comes Alive was phenomenon in 1976. I still have the amazing double album with its $7.88 Licorice Pizza price tag on it!
Here's just a piece of Peter Frampton singing the greatest song gotta admit his silk Angel Flight pants were AWESOME!

*subject to change at the start of the next song...

1 comment:

Gina said...

The pants, jacket and hair are sweet. Nice necklace too!