Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kick the can!

While cleaning my garage earlier this week, I came across about 10 paint cans...most of them empty...some just totally hard and un-usable.
I had yet to find a GREEN (and legal) way to dispose of them so, for two years now, I have just stored them. They took up space and looked bad and, seriously, they are not super healthy to have around!
After AT LEAST a dozen phone calls asking how to dispose of hazardous household waste, I finally got the answer and knew I had to share it with you...
Waste and Recycling of Orange County
6411 Oak Canyon
Irvine 92618
714 834 6752
(right off Sand Canyon and the 5)
I drove up, the guys opened my tailgate and unloaded it all...quick, easy and so convenient!
There's tons of paint AVAILABLE there too!
Check it out!
Clean out your garage!
Get rid of paint and other hazardous materials the RIGHT way!
You're welcome

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