Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things to do til Baseball starts again...

Baseball Season 2008 is over.
Congratulations (gulp)...
to the Phillies...
Honestly, every single year on this night, I sit in my silent home. No Baseball Tonight to watch. No web gems.
No Vinnie to say good night to me. It's very quiet.
But GOOD NEWS! Spring Training games start in about 120 days!
So I came up with 60 things I would like to do between now and then. I would love your suggestions too--but please make note of the fact that I don't watch TV. And, no, I do NOT want to start following football, basketball or hockey.
So here they are...60 things to do until Baseball Season 2009
  1. Relax
  2. Take a walk (or 120)
  3. Organize my 13,000 photos in iPhoto
  4. Sell the Barbies in my garage
  5. Clean out my closet/cabinets/drawers
  6. Hook up the Nintendo 64 and master Dr. Mario once again!
  7. Finish my elementary school and high school scrapbooks.
  8. Eat every thing I have in the house before going to the store again.
  9. Get a hobby (what??)
  10. Write a book (on what??)
  11. Watch classic movies
  12. Send personal notes in the mail
  13. Fall in love (come on, a girl's gotta have a dream!)
  14. Scan and organize all my family's slides!
  15. Bake a pie from scratch.
  16. Go sit on the beach for a day.
  17. Stay up all night talking to someone.
  18. Get a massage
  19. Do the art walk in Laguna
  20. Stay in bed one whole day.
  21. Add music to my iTunes
  22. Dance in my kitchen with a cute man.
  23. Sit by the fire in my living room (with the man? Why not!)
  24. Decorate my Christmas Tree
  25. Address my Christmas Cards
  26. Christmas Shop
  27. Sleep in a few times
  28. Go to church
  29. Learn to Golf
  30. Learn to Surf
  31. Learn everything there is to know about this laptop!
  32. Learn everything there is to know about my BlackBerry
  33. Resume my LA Times subscription around the first of the year. (Just for the Sports page of course)
  34. Buy my tickets to the Dodgers' Spring Training in Glendale, Arizona.
  35. Rent a Porsche 911 for a day and take my dad for a long ride.
  36. Go to a few movies
  37. Have a Dutch Baby Pancake
  38. Go skiing
  39. Stay in a cabin in the mountains
  40. Eat Lobster
  41. Have breakfast in bed.
  42. Spend the day at Barnes & Noble
  43. Read!
  44. Clean out my hope chest.
  45. Have friends over for dinner.
  46. Plan a trip for 2010.
  47. Plant some bulbs and buy a few rose bushes.
  48. Watch the Rose Parade
  49. Lose 10 pounds.
  50. Get in great shape.
  51. Laugh more.
  52. Appreciate life more!
  53. Kiss more. (Dreaming again, but I'm hopeful!)
  54. Keep up my blog
  55. Keep up my Facebook
  56. Spend the night at a hotel...just to be somewhere else.
  57. Cook myself a nice meal.
  58. Organize my iPod. (Too many songs I hate!)
  59. Build up my self esteem.
  60. Make a lot of other people happy.


Alli Hibb said...

I'm in for the N64 and lobster.

Silver Eye Photography said...

If you need to add something else to your list give me a call. My photographer's club are sometimes looking for down to earth people as volunteers to pose for our practices. Nancy Ramos

Eliane said...

visit Eliane in beautiful Dayton Ohio and from there driving to Montreal for few days.

Ange said...

I'll do #15, 19, 28, & 45 with you!!!

TS Harrison said...

don't forget about the World Baseball Classic

The Maslyns said...

Hi Julie.
I don't know you well, but know & Love Alison, and she adores you, so I am pretty sure I do too!
in light of that, I will gleefully join you for:
Writing a book
Sending more personal notes in the mail
Sitting on the beach for a day.
Staying up all night talking to someone.
Getting a massage
Doing the art walk in Laguna
Decorating Christmas Tree
Addressing Christmas Cards
Christmas Shopping
Sleeping in a few times
Going to church
Learning to Surf
Going to a few movies
HAVING A DUTCH BABY PANCAKE (I have never had one!)
Eating Lobster
Having breakfast in bed.
Spending the day at Barnes & Noble
Friends over for dinner.
Planning a trip for 2010.
Losing 10 pounds (more like 40 for me!!!)
Laughing more.
Appreciating life more!
Kissing more.
Keeping up my blog & facebook
Cooking myself a nice meal.
Organizing my iPod
Building up my self esteem.
Making a lot of other people happy.

Call me... we have a LOT to do!