Friday, October 17, 2008

Tagging along...

I have been 'tagged' by Sue to share seven unknown facts about myself. Seriously? As if there is anything I have not shared in the last two years on this blog? Hmm.. Ok...see how many you didn't already know...

  1. I was accepted to UCLA as well as Woodbury University (with scholarship) right out of high school. Buy me a drink and I'll tell you why I didn't go to either one.
  2. I wish we didn't keep track of age. I feel more like I am 28 today than I did when I was 28.
  3. I can belch louder than anyone you've ever heard. And I love to do it.
  4. I worked for ONE DAY at Sizzler on El Toro Road. I hated it so much, I put the uniform by the front door the next morning with a note telling them I wouldn't be back.
  5. I would do my current job for free, I love it so much.
  6. I would rather go out to breakfast than dinner! It's SUCH a treat for me to have bacon and eggs and hash browns (with ketchup!) or a big Dutch Baby pancake!
  7. I wish I spoke another language. And that I could play the piano. And that I weighed 120.
I tag Gina, Sarah, my Dad, Eliane, my friend at Med school, Lisa B and Las Vegas Sarah!


Protege said...

That’s funny, this tagging must be contagious, I was tagged by the same “bug” yesterday.;)
I totally identify with #2; too bad the body doesn’t follow the mind set.:)

-The Week said...

So I just list 7 unknown or odd facts about myself?

Sarah said...

Being called "Las Vegas Sarah" makes me sound a little racy! Give me a few days and I'll try and thing of unknown things about me...

As for you, Sizzler on El Toro? Only been there once myself!