Saturday, October 11, 2008

There's no crying in baseball!

Oh, if this were only true.
Just one week ago tonight, I was crying--tears of SHEER JOY--at the Dodgers' Game as they swept the Cubs in the NLDS.
Unfortunatly, the tears have been mighty different this week.
Thursday and Friday's Dodger games vs. the Phillies were just plain PAINFUL to watch. Tragic. Sad. Heart breaking. Dear God, last night's game was absolutely TORTURE to endure. And this morning, while discussing the series with friends at work, I literally teared up. The agony and frustration of analyzing the games, the errors, the men left on base, the struggling pitchers--the disappointment and the very UNHAPPY endings...ALL OF IT welled up as tears in my eyes.
There is INDEED crying in baseball.
I love this game--and the Dodgers haven't made it to the NLCS in 20 years! The season has been nothing short of utter happiness for me...til Thursday. I didn't know how to deal with that pain.
And today, I could hardly breath.
But, I got up and I wore blue to work! I took the Dodgers flag off my workbench and flew it PROUDLY in my car window! And I repeated several times during the day: "It ain't over!" Cause it ain't!! Every single Dodgers fan KNOWS we can turn this thing around.
We are 0-2 at this a best of SEVEN series. And we will be home tomorrow! The stadium will be BUZZING...the crowd will be cheering for a comeback! And I will be at every single game this week. I wouldn't miss it!
As for coming back, "It might be time to do some shots of Crown Royal," said Manny Ramirez, who has been there, done that. "I know this, we'll have the music on Sunday in Dodger Stadium and have some fun!"Apparently, shots of the whiskey helped the Boston Red Sox as they battled back from a 3-0 deficit against the Yankees to win the World Series in 2004.
Why not? I have some in the cabinet above my fridge and I think I'll take a shot before I leave for the stadium. Maybe two--one for me and I'll take one for the team. (I'm giving that way.)
Ok. So here's the ain't over! And there's no fat lady at game three. I am drying my tears and getting out my 'lucky' Dodgers jacket to wear...and, if all goes well, I will have tears of joy in my eyes once again, right about this time tomorrow night.
It's rally time!
(Hmmm...if only we had some kind of mascot that epitomized a rally, some sort of animal....)
Go Blue!


Eliane said...

I vote Cookie Monster for the Mascott....oh! and, he loves chocolate chips cookies.

Anonymous said...

We don't know each other but I am really enjoying your posts about the Dodgers. I am a huge fan but don't live in LA anymore so it is fun to read about someone who is able to go to the games and cheer in person!



But don't drink and drive....drink the shots AFTER they win okay? We need you to be here to keep post! :)

Mama L. said...

Gil, PeeWee, Duke and the gang are crying,too, not for the "agony of defeat" (temporary), but for the joyful fact that, despite moving from Brooklyn so many years ago and being told the team would lose their following,they still have a rabid avid fan like YOU! Dodger Blue looks great on either coast when it's wrapped around loyalty like yours! Love you and your posts! Go Dodgers!