Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's no place like HOME

I was doing things around my house when I realized it was past 6--and that the World Series had already started! I quickly turned on the TV and (to my GREAT disappointment) the Phillies were already up 2-0! (BTW-just the NAME Cole Hamels brings chills to me now...ugh!) But my question was...how did they get their runs?
Which made something inside me CLICK! Just the idea of "How did they get their runs?" is WHY I love baseball so much. (Well ONE of the reasons for sure!)
Here's what I mean:
If you turn on the Lakers game in the second quarter and the Lakers are up by 10, you know how they got there! They put the ball through the hoop, right? I am not a big basketball fan, obviously...I always figure you can turn on the last 2 minutes and see who wins...that's enough for me. (Sorry Shadi!)
And TO ME, the same is true with hockey...Second period, Ducks are up 2-0. How did they get their goals? They shot the puck into the net. Period. (Yeah, I know, they had a fist fight along the way, so that counts for something...)
But with baseball...ahhh....there are SO many different ways to score runs! You have to ask!! Heck, even these two by the Phillies (which I am still unsure of how they were scored) could have been earned any number of ways! A walk, a hit batter, a double, a scoring fly ball. It could have been a two run homer! It could be back to back home runs!! It could be a couple of hits and beautiful SQUEEZE play. And SO many other ways! THAT'S what makes it so fun to watch. It's NEVER the same game twice. And, we all know, it ain't over til it's over! (No clock to run out!)
I know, I know...and here I promised I'd TRY not to blog about baseball again. But please cut me a little slack today. For the love of God, I'm watching Tampa Bay (who?) play the team that brought tears to my eyes less than one week ago!!
And I still want to know how they scored their runs.
We're in the last few days of baseball and I'm soaking in every play, every run, every minute...
It's a long dark cold winter til Spring training.

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