Sunday, October 5, 2008

Short and Sweep


I can seriously tell you that being at this game is already on my list of my Top FIVE best events of my entire life. From the moment we got there (only three and a half hours early...) it was a night like none other. The crowd was SO excited (and we were SURROUNDED by Cubs fans!)--the energy was just incredible. I was SO NERVOUS the whole time! By the time we were down to the last six outs--NO ONE SAT DOWN--I swear the whole stadium stood for the last two innings! And, during the 9th inning...I WAS SHAKING! My heart was POUNDING! On that last strike I SCREAMED and I swear I did not stop screaming and yelling and jumping and laughing for at least 10 minutes! It was unbelievable!
I am SO very happy that I was able to be there!!
I am SO happy!!!And, may I let you know that I already have tickets to the next series' games.
Thanks to the EIGHT people who texted me at the end of the game to give their congrats!
I love my baseball friends (and cousins)!


TS Harrison said...

Seriously my first thought was "I need to text Julie!"
Quickly followed by, "I don't have her number."


Lisa Marie said...

I'm so happy for you! I wish my Angels were doing better =( So great that you got to go to the game!!!

Eliane said...

I was 1 of 8. From my living room in Ohio I was cheering for your boys and was so excited to know that you were there with your Dad. I could see William and Zac too.
What a great night!!!!!

Ange said...

When I saw the score on the USC board @ the game I immediately thought, "Amy is soooo bummed right now, but Julie is soooo excited!!!"