Monday, October 27, 2008

The benefit of friends...

Within MINUTES of my 'disappointment with life' post this morning, I had phone calls & emails & text messages pouring in. Literally. I have SO MANY friends who were ready to listen, offer advice, tell me it was going to be ok and even a comment from my daughter suggesting my #1 remedy--have a beer in the bathtub!
Thank you to Eliane, Courtney, my Mom, Gina, Sarah, and Sonja for calling and letting me talk. Thank you for your wisdom and your listening ears and your assurance that INDEED, I would live through this one too. Thanks for analyzing and re-thinking my thoughts and actions and for affirming my decisions!
Merci Beaucoup to SUE for singing two songs for me--one in French--on my voice mail--they really DID make me happy!
A big thank you to my very dear old friends at Saddleback Church. I had to go by and pick something up there today...thanks to Jan, Steve, Gina and Joan for giving me such a sweet welcome. And, a special thanks to Liz for listening to me, laughing with me and loving me through my tears. (Bet she was sorry she asked how I was doing!)
It was a rough day...seriously, one of the hardest ones I can remember in a long time. I said a couple of times today that it's like childbirth--you forget that it hurts so much.
One thing I know now that I've lived through it a few times, is that life will go on. And that I will live through it. And that one day, it won't hurt anymore.
I am ending the day very grateful for true friendship. Very grateful for people who know me and love me and knew I was hurting....and cared for me today. I appreciate you all so much.
I end the night mildly disappointed that the World Series game was delayed. But that's all.
Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom...and I was nursed by the best today.
Honestly, I feel better already.
Of course, the bath and the beer didn't hurt either...


Eliane said...

You certainly know how to do friendship and I am happy to know that it's giving back to you.
One day at the time & stay 125% curious ok?

S. said...

Hey! You don't know me, but I follow you on your blog....
I live in WV and I found your blog several months ago. I enjoy keeping up with you....the energy that you have and your zest for life is contagious through your blog. (I have also been following your daughter's adventure in Kenya--I can see where she gets her energy from).

I am sorry that you are having one of those times when it seems that life throws every "curve" ball at you. It sucks! As you said, there will be a day when it doesn't hurt quite as much...

Hope you get a little bit of "sunshine" today!
Be Blessed!!

Courtney said...

It's easy to be a great friend...when you have an incredible example to follow. Love you Jules and it was great to talk, laugh, be emotional and honest together.

SarahD said...

I love you!
Cant wait to spend some happy time together!