Friday, October 10, 2008

So not me...

If you know me at all (even if you only know me through the blog...) you KNOW this is not me. I NEVER say everyone else sucks. I never say ANYBODY sucks. I actually don't even like that term. But today, I understood the feeling.
I was in the WORST mood I have ever been in at work. EVER. I was short with everyone. I was angry about little things. I sent out emails about stuff that was really pretty insignificant.
Because the Dodgers lost last night and I did not know how to deal with it! Seriously. I was unfamiliar with the feeling I had! Disappointment? Sadness? Fear? We had LOST our first postseason game and I had no idea it would hurt so much!
I have been on SUCH a HIGH these last few weeks. Life has been AMAZING! Not only have the Dodgers been on a winning streak--but I've been THERE to witness it, enjoy it, live it, breath it, and revel in it first hand!
Last night I was having a BLAST with my friends while we watched the game. Until the 6th inning of course. And then it turned ugly. Actually, I turned ugly. I was angry. I was cussing. I seriously could not believe how upset I was. The party was over.
I could barely sleep. And I didn't want to go to work. I had been SEEPING in JOY at the resort the last month or so...everyone calling me "Miss Dodger" and telling me "Congratulations" as they walked by. Today...I was afraid of what would be said. was amazing. First off, I SWEAR, everyone was wearing blue. They came by my desk and said, "I'm representing today!" and "They're just making it interesting, Julie!" They were all so encouraging. I got through with the hopes that TODAY we'd even it up and they'd come back to LA in a tie.
Today's game had already started when I left work. Vinnie announced the TORTURE as I drove home.
I am currently drinking a Margarita and eating chocolate chip cookies--all left from last night. Why yes, it IS only 3:30 in the afternoon--but we are TWO HOURS into THIS game and it's only the fourth inning! I'm in pain!!
People today kept saying, "Don't let it get to you, Julie."
I swear I am not 'letting it' get to me.
It just does.
This week it's easier to be a Padres fan. Or a Mariner's fan. Hell, even the Angel fans are in better shape than me today...
I'm telling much as I love this game, I swear, this's gonna kill me.


-The Week said...

Did: "Bellmen!!! Mr. Smith said his FedEx arrived at the belldesk. WHERE IS IT?" Come out of your mouth today?

Sarah said...

I stopped watching at 3:00 when my heart couldn't bleed anymore. You're mood sounds like mine when the Angels lost. I pretty much watched the entire game while on the phone with my dad. I asked him if Bridger sees me cry because the Angels lost will that teach him to be a sore looser? I waited until he went to bed.

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER it isn't ovet til______!!!

Anonymous said...


TS Harrison said...

this is just a hole to climb out of...they can do it!