Monday, September 24, 2012

What a difference a DECADE makes!

Me and my cousin, Robin, early 2002 

Me and my cousin, Robin, early 2012
Between the two of us, we are at least 100 pounds lighter in the bottom photo...
and AT LEAST a hundred times happier!
(How lucky indeed!)

Me, again, late 2002...
170 pounds, size 14 jeans
Don't let the smile fool you...these were rough days, filled with confusion. 
I had so much doubt about myself, my place in life and was dreading my future.

 Me, last night...toasting "To Life!"
130 pounds, size FOUR dress...
martini in hand, dear, true, genuine friends all around...

I LOVE these days! I love where the last ten years have brought me! 
And OH how I love what the last ten years have TAUGHT me!
I feel so good, I am OH SO confident and I know myself so very well now. 
I have LIFE and LOVE and LAUGHTER in my every single day. 
I have GREAT hope in tomorrow and an absolute JOY-FILLED curiosity about the future!

I am so happy today.

Remember that commercial from years past...?
You're not getting're getting better!
So grateful to be able to honestly say that.

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