Monday, September 3, 2012

Can you hear me now?

I have started to do something that is very much out of my character. Something that is definitely not very Julie Hibbard. I have started to make a habit that is probably going to surprise you...

I have stopped taking my cell phone with me everywhere I go.

I know, I know...not a huge deal for most people. But it is a really BIG thing for me.

My new habit of being cell phone free began about six weeks ago, when I started working out with a trainer at the gym. Until then, I'd ALWAYS kept my phone with me while on the treadmill--and even at yoga--you know, in case someone needed me or something important came up!
As soon as I realized that it was impossible for me to keep my phone on me while I lifted weights and worked on machines and jumped through hoops (no, really--I jump through hoops)--I began to leave my phone in the car whenever I went into the gym.
And it's the best thing I've ever done.
Seriously--I see such a difference in my focus and effort--I am FINALLY concentrating on exercising--I am actually working out! I'm not trying to walk on the treadmill slow enough so I can text you back or 'like' your check in or comment on your updated status! Yes, I was doing all that while at the gym--as well as answering calls, replying to emails and, well, yeah, checking in at the gym! No wonder I'm not skinny yet!

Let's face it--I'm not the President of the United States...and heck, I work an hourly position at my job! Is there really anything that can't wait one hour? Even my kids are in their late 20s and will leave me a message if they need to tell me something, right? (I am certain my son actually LOVES it when I don't answer...)
I have to admit it, I am really learning to love the disconnect.
And I am starting to do it more often.
I rarely take my phone into the market any more--and it's unbelievably freeing to just GROCERY shop without constantly checking to see if anyone texted me! Sheesh--it's 20 minutes!
I actually left it in the car when I went to a memorial this week...and when at a party with friends the other night. Again, I know...crazy, really. What am I going to miss that can't wait a couple of hours?
Honestly, I didn't miss a thing. And I was fully present at both events...not preoccupied or distracted by emails and Facebook.
I've realized it's a huge step for me to actually be focusing on what I am doing at the time--and ever more importantly, on who I am with. 

Yeah, sure, I usually carry it around the house with me. And, yes, I took it to the pool today...and, of course, it sits just inches from me right now as I'm texting with my Dad about the Dodgers.
But I did leave it in the house when I went to take the trash out this afternoon...another big step. (You think I'm kidding?) Amazingly, I didn't miss one thing while I was out there.

All that to say, I might not always be able to 'hear you now.' But please just give me a little time and allow me to finish what I'm doing--what I am thoroughly and fully enjoying doing--and I promise, I will text you back, reply to your email, return your call and--most importantly, I will 'like' your status and comment on your photos--as soon as I can. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Julie...that is quite an accomplishment for you, and it feels good doesn't it...I did the same last year when I started an office at's no big deal anymore...I go to our pool and leave it at home, well, that's not totally true...I brought it a few time when I was with the grandkids in case we needed refreshments from home delivered to the pool area...
and when I played golf I left the thing in the car...there's nothing worse than hearing a phone ring when you're trying to putt...of course texting during those dang Dodger games is really important...we won't give that up, right...