Friday, September 28, 2012

Here's to good friends...

Did you ever have a friend who loved you for who you REALLY are? Did you ever have a friend who asked you how you were doing, what was going on in your life, how your heart is, if life was treating you well...? (Not just 'how's work?' and 'how are your kids?'...) Did you ever have a friend who you could be yourself with? Your REAL, honest, silly, practically hilarious self with?? 

I am OH SO fortunate to have MANY of these genuine, fruitful, deep, authentic friendships!

We have developed a group of friends who are REAL, HONEST, OPEN, LOVING, FULL OF LIFE AND LOVE AND LAUGHTER...!
 And it is SHEER JOY to spend time with these people. 
Perhaps it has something to do with our stage of life...we know ourselves...we LIKE ourselves...!
And we are honest about who we are...

I love each and every one of these people!
And, as an incredible bonus, they love me.

We KNOW each other. REALLY know each other!!
We CARE for each other.
We APPRECIATE each other. We LAUGH with each other!
We have BEEN THERE for each other...and will continue to be.
We have FUN!
We are LIVING life together!

We SO enjoy our time together. 
We SO enjoy each other!
Nothing better in the world. 
I am SO grateful!
I love these people. 


Sonja said...

So grateful to be part of all this friendship, laughter, and love.

Kelly said...

Me too! Me too!......Absolutely LOVE all of these people!!!

md said...

Who doesn't love a mankini wearing, birthday cake carrying, delicious blue masked devil? These people are friends for life! 138

Lorraine said...

It's ALWAYS a great time to celebrate friendships - lifetime friendships!