Thursday, September 27, 2012

Status Foe!

For YEARS, when filling out forms, the 'options' above would be listed time after time.
Me? Well, for the last seven years, I have ALWAYS checked Single. Yes, single. 
In my thinking, I never knew why they needed to have 'divorced' on there. If you are divorced, you are single. And, if you are widowed you are single too...right? Hey--you could be married AND divorced too, right? Come on.
Quite honestly, I hate the 'D' word and NEVER use it. I truly feel the term--just the word--is very negative--and, if I may say so, judgmental. But more than anything else, it ties you to the past. 
Sure, I was once married--but what does that have to do with anything? 
I'm single. And will check that box.

Today I was sent an email asking me to update information and beneficiaries in regards to my 401k.  
I was THRILLED when I saw the options below:
Hooray! This company GETS it!
There really ARE only TWO choices--married or not married. And I am not married--period.

I know this may seem crazy to some...but I see it as a HUGE positive step!
I live in the present...and today, I am not married.
How or why--or if I once was--is absolutely irrelevant.

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Dongo said...

I, too, always put SINGLE. My logic is something like this: a divorce is an event in your life, a point in time. It does not determine your status, which is married or single. A divorce does not define you for every day after you have one.